Making a Way: One Writer’s Journey from Rejection to Bestseller

Keaidy Bennett
Photo Credited to Keaidy Bennett

Every so often, a story comes along that not only captivates readers but also inspires them with the strength and determination of the authors behind the words. One such inspiring journey is that of Keaidy Bennett, whose life is an example of resilience, self-belief, and a passion for making a difference. 

A Unique Beginning

Keaidy’s path into the world of publishing is far from ordinary. When she and her mother came to the United States from Honduras, her mother couldn’t read or write in English – she made it a priority for Keaidy to learn both. Learning these skills herself made Keaidy fall in love with writing. She knew from a young age that she wanted to become an author, but the path toward her dreams was paved with numerous obstacles, self-doubt, and unconventional choices. 

Keaidy’s first book, “Charge it to the Game,” was not met with instant success. Rejections piled up, but she refused to be discouraged. When publishers finally expressed interest but demanded changes to the main character’s ethnicity, Keaidy chose a different path. She decided to create her own lane, firmly believing in her story’s authenticity. 

This decision marked a turning point in Keaidy’s journey. Her determination paid off as she achieved bestseller status on Amazon and found similar success with subsequent books. But her success was not without personal challenges. She found herself in an abusive situation while navigating the responsibilities of being a single mother to three children. 

Helping Others Tell Their Story

As a single mother, she realized it was time to fully commit to her business, Throwing herself into ghostwriting and sharing her publishing knowledge, she gave herself a goal. “I gave myself one year to turn this into a full-fledged business.”  Her dedication paid off. Word-of-mouth hb referrals, especially from professional athletes, played a significant role in building her new business as a ghostwriter.

Keaidy emphasizes the importance of conquering self-doubt and trusting the process to get to this point. In addition to her ghostwriting career, she also offers a customized and author-friendly publishing solution.  

Her unique approach to book publishing sets her apart. Not only does she help her clients with ghostwriting, she also helps them determine the best angle and audience for their book. She also has an appealing business offer for her clients as well. “We allow our clients to keep 80% of their book’s earnings after completion. This is unheard of at other publishers.”

This approach, rooted in her experience as an author, opens up new avenues for aspiring writers. 

From Rejection Letters to 40,000 Pre-sales

For Keaidy, success in her clients’ lives is when their stories can transcend the pages of a book and be adapted into different forms, such as film. She went from hearing that there was no market for her work to creating new opportunities. Her personal definition of success includes reaching the New York Times Bestseller list with 40,000 pre-sales, a goal that seemed distant but now stands within reach.

In her own life, Keaidy defines success as the ability to do what she loves while being present for her family. Her journey toward this success involved embracing three key principles: fearlessness, finding balance, and healing. Letting go of the fear of failure, balancing an 18-hour workday with her role as a mother, and undergoing a transformative healing process have been essential in her path to success.

What’s Next in Her Journey?

Looking to the future, Keaidy’s goal is to motivate and empower more women who have experienced domestic violence or feelings of despair. She recognizes that healing is a critical step in this journey, and she wants to be a beacon of hope for those who, like her, have emerged stronger from adversity. 

Keaidy’s story is a testament to the power of resilience in the face of adversity. Her journey from struggle to success is an inspiration, reminding us all that we can create our own opportunities in life, no matter the challenges that come our way. 

You can follow Keiady’s journey on her Instagram or visit her website for more information about her work. 


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