Lyuda Ksenych: The Inspiring Journey of a Woman Who Built a Thriving Business in the U.S.

Lyuda Ksenych
Photo Credited to Lyuda Ksenych

The United States is a land of opportunity where people from every corner of the world can make their dreams come true. To celebrate the success of entrepreneurs with Ukrainian origins, the TOP USA Award organization created an unforgettable event. Today we present Lyuda Ksenych, a businesswoman and dreamer recognized in the TOP USA’s 2023 edition.

Celebrating Excellence: Honoring the Vision and Determination of Today’s Top Ukrainian-American Entrepreneurs

In July, Manhattan was home to TOP USA, a platform that celebrates the cooperation of American and Ukrainian businesspeople. Particularly since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the world is prone to respecting and honoring the culture of a beautiful country, and the U.S. does not lag behind. 

The project was created by Taras Lavrovskyi and Diana Hetun, and its main sponsor is the VOVK Foundation, an organization that supports Ukraine, its rights, and its culture. Recently, TOP USA also published a book featuring some of Ukrainian-American most successful business people and entrepreneurs, many of whom were also awarded at the event. 

As the land of opportunity par excellence, The United States welcomes foreigners from all over the world including CIS countries and, of course, Ukraine. At TOP USA, ex-pats who have been able to make their way in the new world are awarded for their efforts and relentlessness. Among the lucky ones, this year, we can find Lyuda Ksenych, a true example of perseverance.

From Humble Beginnings: Navigating the Challenging Ocean of Business 

Lyuda Ksenych
Photo Credited to Lyuda Ksenych

Lyuda came to America in 2006, and that’s when her journey began. With considerably fewer tools than the ones we have now, she managed to make her way in the business world and in a foreign country. If one is looking to reward perseverance, then Lyuda must be among the top choices. Her humble beginnings were a great scenario to prove her value as a woman and entrepreneur. 

She learned to survive in a sea of uncertainty, like every immigrant who’s taking the first steps in a new environment. Lyuda worked 4 jobs and struggled to save money in a journey that strengthened not only her abilities but also her character. 

Successful entrepreneurs take every chance they get to learn new things, and Lyuda is no exception. Moreover, this learning process spans more than the essential skills for a given area of business. This is why Lyuda found training material in life itself, in her own “true survival school,” as she likes to call her first four years in the United States. 

A Vision Realized: The Story of Creating Her Own Business from the Ground Up

After working as a safety manager for 4 and a half years, Lyuda Ksenych started her own transformative journey toward creating her own business. At the time, she had a gig working for a small moving operation company and became aware of the limitations that they were facing. So, she saw an opportunity to create her own business and lead it to success. She had little understanding of this industry, but this did not stop her, and she soon started to research everything about it. After consulting with colleagues, specialists, and lawyers, she was ready to get the corresponding license and establish her own moving business. Thus, H2H Movers was born. 

For her, this project was a challenge that would help her gain new knowledge and develop more skills, and she faced it quite well. By creating H2H Movers, she would have plenty of room for development. 

H2H Movers

If there’s a word that describes H2H, it’s excellence. Lyuda managed to take her company to the highest level when it comes to reliability, quality, and management. Moving is tedious for everyone, no matter their nationality, age, or profession. In this sense, a company like H2H becomes vital. Besides taking excellent care of clients’ belongings, they make the process much easier and less stressful. 

Thanks to this, the company has been recognized by a wide range of organizations in Chicago, and it has built itself an impeccable reputation. 

Building Bridges: The Crucial Role of People’s Skills in Cultivating Success in Business

Besides her unquestionable financial and corporate success, Lyuda has been able to create a unique community at H2H Movers. As a leader, she finds strength in teamwork and work ethics, and she sees her company as a unified organism that is constantly being developed. She strives to give her employees more than financial support: she does her best to keep them happy. Content employees attract clients and turn them into recurring customers. 

In her view, a company works better when employees are eager to get to the office every morning, and this is why she offers them a chance to develop their own careers. This is one of the main features that make her company unique. Above everything, she values her employees’ loyalty and commitment, and in return, she brings them a safe and motivating working environment. 

A Look Back at a Successful Business Journey

Stories like this one inspire everyone, especially immigrants. With hard work, sympathy, and commitment, Lyuda managed to become a successful career woman in a foreign land. Moreover, she created her own company in an industry that was new to her. This may be why, in July, the TOP USA event recognized Lyuda Ksenych as one of the most inspiring personas in the American-Ukrainian community. 


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