Lysulin®: Pioneering a Healthier Future for People with Blood Sugar Challenges

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Lysulin®, a trailblazing brand led by founder and CEO John Burd, Ph.D., is driven by a singular mission: to help people live longer, healthier lives by supporting healthy blood sugar levels and insulin function. With a range of clinically-demonstrated, affordable, and over-the-counter products, Lysulin® aims to make better health accessible without prescription drugs.

The story of Lysulin® and its founder is one of dedication and desire to make a difference in people’s lives. John Burd, Ph.D., has over 30 years of experience in medical technologies, focusing on diabetes management. As the founder and former CEO of Dexcom, the market leader in continuous glucose monitoring, he has profoundly impacted the diabetes community. Burd’s illustrious career includes countless published articles, 35 patents, and membership in the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Hall of Fame. He holds a BS in Biochemistry from Purdue University and an MS and Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin.

Based in San Diego, California, Lysulin® is an early-stage company that has developed a patented over-the-counter product designed to help people maintain healthy blood sugar levels. The brand’s dedicated team of seasoned executives has formulated and begun selling a proprietary blend of essential nutrients, resulting in more nutritional glucose levels as measured by A1c—the gold standard for assessing excess sugar in the bloodstream and overall glucose status.

Lysulin® is unique because it is the only company solely committed to people’s health, which is challenged by unhealthy blood sugar levels or insulin resistance. In addition to their line of supplements, Lysulin® offers an FDA-cleared home test for A1c, allowing customers to determine the effectiveness of the accessories and track their progress toward healthier blood sugar levels.

The company’s mission statement, “Helping people live longer, healthier lives by supporting healthy blood sugar levels and insulin function with clinically-demonstrated, affordable products, available over-the-counter,” reflects Lysulin’s unwavering commitment to improving the lives of those facing blood sugar challenges. By making their products accessible and affordable, Lysulin® is opening the door to better health for countless individuals.

Under the expert guidance of John Burd, Ph.D., and with a dedicated team at the helm, Lysulin® is poised to significantly impact the lives of those affected by unhealthy blood sugar levels and insulin resistance. Through the development of innovative, effective, and affordable solutions, Lysulin® is taking bold strides toward a future where better health is within reach for everyone.


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