Luis Millan: Blazing The Trail In E-Commerce

Luis Millan Blazing The Trail In E-Commerce
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By: Steve Miles

From humble beginnings to building a successful company boasting over 380 clients, Luis Millan is a knowledgeable entrepreneur with the right experience to boost e-commerce growth for businesses.

The Beginning of a Journey

Millan’s vision to help businesses succeed stems from his own determination to be resilient in the face of challenges. “I came from a very poor government-assisted family to now owning a multimillion-dollar company,” he explains. Millan grew up in a rural area of Puerto Rico and moved to Ohio with his mother. 

At the age of 18, he began his career in the cell repair industry, gaining employment at a national repair chain where he very quickly excelled. The store he initially started managing experienced a significant increase in its monthly earnings. “I was managing eight stores and successfully doubled the performance of nearly every single location, significantly boosting their combined annual output,” he explains. 

His drive to succeed led him to launch his own company with business partner Chase Alley, which saw the opening of three highly successful brick-and-mortar locations. Over the years he stayed in the cell phone industry but focused his attention on selling and distributing items such as computers, cell phones and accessories on eBay and the B2B space.

Breaking the Mould

His dedication to the B2B space led Millan to hone in on e-commerce, which proved to be a sector of seemingly endless opportunities. “The growth and expansion of e-commerce platforms like Amazon made me realize that I needed to shift towards the future of buying and selling. It was very evident that e-commerce will continue to grow due to the facility and convenience of customers’ online ordering,” he explains. 

His passion for e-commerce drove his decision to team up with Alley and Mac Ismail to launch a management service for brands looking for a comprehensive online sales strategy. The service developed into an investment model where clients could find their own stores and Millan would make a percentage of the gains. That company evolved into Push Ecom Solutions, which specializes in helping businesses to grow through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Overcoming challenges

The road was not always smooth, but Millan’s perseverance meant he pushed through, refusing to fail.  “Our biggest challenge was migrating our business model on Amazon from a dropshipping model to Amazon’s FBA,” Millan explains. In fact, many companies in that space failed to adapt and closed doors, but Millan persisted. 

“This was a very difficult challenge for us due to all the changes we had to make as a company, this included setting up strategic warehouse points across the USA, getting brand and permit approvals that were required by Amazon, alongside having our own warehouses and involving more staff and teams to grow,” he explains.

Helping Young Entrepreneurs

Through sheer work and dedication, Push Ecom Solutions has grown into a corporate enterprise with numerous client e-commerce accounts, achieving significant online sales.

“My dream is to teach the younger guys, especially in the inner cities, that there are more ways to grow, teaching them that where you came from doesn’t determine your future,” Millan says, adding: “You will have a lot of ups and downs in business with lots of adversaries but ultimately how you face them will determine your path. Never quit.”

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