Lonoa: Jasmyn Ke’ala Nakata’s Vision of Healing and Sustainability

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Founded by Jasmyn Ke’ala Nakata, a native Hawaiian with a passion for health and wellness, Lonoa is more than a brand – it’s a call to heal your senses and a beacon for sustainable living. Lonoa’s mission is anchored in educating the world about the benefits of botanicals, including CBD oil, while simultaneously preserving Hawaiian culture and fostering a healthier environment.

Born and raised on the island of O’ahu, Nakata’s upbringing was deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. She spent her formative years with Manaleo, elders who spoke Hawaiian as their first language. Witnessing the health struggles of her family and the premature deaths within her community, she was stirred to action.

Lonoa was conceived in 2021 against a backdrop of socio-economic hardship that led many locals to leave Hawaii in search of better opportunities. With a vision to restore the native culture, Nakata chose to combine her understanding of the Hawaiian tradition with modern scientific knowledge to create a brand that aims to heal while preserving her roots.

Each product by Lonoa encapsulates the rich history of Hawaii. From the indigenous words on the packaging to the authentic stories they share, Lonoa ensures a vibrant connection to the islands. The brand is also committed to educating its customers about CBD, its types, its uses, and its potential to foster healing and pain management.

Nakata, an alumnus of Kamehameha Schools Kapalama and the University of Hawai’i at Manoa, has dedicated her life to providing opportunities for the next generation. Her mission is not only to make Lonoa thrive but also to create job opportunities, especially for the locals, despite the high cost of living in Hawaii.

However, the journey to bringing Lonoa to life was not without hurdles. Nakata herself experienced the benefits of a full-spectrum CBD tincture formulation following a hit-and-run accident after the birth of her third child. This personal experience further solidified her belief in the brand and its mission.

Lonoa is not just about selling products; it’s about reviving the Hawaiian way of life and integrating it into the modern world. The brand plans to incorporate cultural protocols into product development, education, and business growth. It also aims to create funding, scholarship, and mentorship programs for budding entrepreneurs.

Through the process, the brand seeks to connect with its ancestors, the land, the environment, and all that Mother Nature provides. Nakata believes in nurturing the relationship with the environment, emphasizing its importance for future generations.

With a vibrant Instagram (@lonoa_) and Facebook (@lonoalife) presence and an informative website (www.lonoa.com), Lonoa continues to spread the message of healing, culture, and sustainability. The brand stands as a testament to Nakata’s resilience and her commitment to fostering a more sustainable and healthier environment for the world to live in, now and for future generations.

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