LMC Becomes a Beacon of Hope in the Face of Natural Calamities

Natural disasters have become one of the most debilitating events that a person has experienced at least once in their lifetime. With climate change rapidly affecting the world, these major adverse events have become inevitable over the years, demanding much-needed disaster planning, preparations, risk reduction methods, and repair strategies from authorities worldwide. Thus, some industry powerhouses are now strained to give everything they have in order to keep people and communities safe from these unforeseen events, making it their mission to provide solutions that not only answer the call of thousands of individuals worldwide but also contribute to a much bigger strategy that the world is currently brewing to tackle one of the most pressing issues across the globe. LMC is one such venture that is ready to take on the challenge to materialize its vision of a better and safer world.

LMC is a forensic commercial solutions specialist that is currently making waves across the industry for its brilliant roofing solutions, well-researched strategies, and all-out approach. Since its establishment in 1985, it has continued to deliver quality services and exceptional results to its clients across the country, which has propelled this powerhouse to become the premier forensic general contractor in the State of Virginia. Headed by a visionary, J. Elmer, LMC is setting the bar high for thousands of industry players across the country.

Over the years, this leading force has graced thousands of clients with results that are exceptional and future-proof. As a matter of fact, LMC has successfully restored thousands of damaged structures while recovering over $200 million, particularly in Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Ohio, Louisiana, and North and South Carolina. The company has become a widely recognized venture that maintains a reputable stance in taking on and decisively winning large loss claims thanks to its extensive experience and sheer tenacity.

“LMC has the client’s interest in mind,” shared J. Elmer.

Because of its remarkable performance over the years, LMC has been featured in over 200 national publications, including Forbes Magazine, Fox News, CBS, NBC, Business Insider, and more. It was also a featured guest on The Contractor Weekly Podcast. In July 2021, its president, J. Elmer, was named as one of the hardest working CEOs of 2021 by NY Weekly Magazine. Since its inception, it has also maintained strong relationships with some of the most recognized names in the industry and worked exclusively with the most respected remediation company in the United States, speaking volumes of the company’s incredible reputation.

As Hurricane Ida trampled on the vibrant streets of Louisiana last year, LMC vowed to help as much as it could to restore what was once called the melting pot of cultures. With its extensive experience in the field and 94% success rate, LMC guarantees exceptional results to Louisianians across the state.

In this day and age, when natural disasters have become more catastrophic and unpredictable, it is only natural for people to turn to experts and seek help from them. With this continued need for brilliant solutions, LMC vows to stick around and remains committed to its goal.


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