Liquidity Studio: Revolutionizing Capital Raising

Liquidity Studio- Revolutionizing Capital Raising
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In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, securing capital is a critical challenge faced by businesses of all sizes. Liquidity Studio, co-founded by Richard Lovatt and Myles Broom, is transforming the capital-raising landscape by leveraging its extensive investor network and innovative PR strategies to help businesses attract the funding they need to thrive.

Richard Lovatt, the CEO of Closed & Paid and former Sales Director at HighKey Agency PR Firm, brings a wealth of experience to Liquidity Studio. With a proven track record of working with 7, 8, and 9-figure brands, implementing sales systems, and building out operational teams, Lovatt has personally closed over $20 million in online deals in the past two years alone. His sales expertise and deep understanding of the digital landscape make him an invaluable asset to Liquidity Studio’s clients.

Myles Broom, the CEO of TheNormalCompany, complements Lovatt’s expertise with his decades of experience in cold outbound prospecting and securing over $50 million in deals. Broom’s active network of investors spans across various industries, including Green Energy, AI, and eCommerce. His impressive track record includes securing contracts and working with renowned brands such as Nespresso, Santander, The Hut Group, and Birkenstock.

What sets Liquidity Studio apart from traditional capital-raising firms is its unique approach to connecting businesses with its extensive network of over 100,000 venture capitalists, private equity firms, family offices, and angel investors. By leveraging this network, Liquidity Studio opens doors for its clients, providing them with beneficial access to potential investors who can help fuel their growth.

However, Liquidity Studio recognizes that securing capital in today’s digital landscape requires more than just an impressive ROI. Institutional investors and high-net-worth individuals increasingly seek compelling stories, positive sentiment, and mass-market buy-in before making investment decisions. This is where Liquidity Studio’s innovative PR strategy comes into play.

Liquidity Studio effectively pre-warms investors and potential clients by securing coverage for their clients in prestigious publications and media outlets such as Fast Company, Forbes, Bloomberg, Fox News, and Sky News. They understand that investors are more likely to take notice of a business that has already garnered positive attention in the places where they consume their news and information.

Liquidity Studio’s PR team works tirelessly to craft compelling narratives that resonate with investors and the broader public. By highlighting their clients’ unique value propositions, innovative products or services, and the potential for significant market impact, they create a buzz around the business that attracts the attention of investors and potential customers alike.

The combination of Liquidity Studio’s extensive investor network and targeted PR strategy has already helped numerous businesses raise the capital they need to scale and succeed. By providing a comprehensive approach to capital raising beyond traditional methods, Liquidity Studio empowers entrepreneurs and businesses to turn their vision into reality.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, Liquidity Studio remains at the forefront of capital-raising innovation. With the combined expertise of Richard Lovatt and Myles Broom and their dedicated team of professionals, Liquidity Studio is well-positioned to help businesses navigate the challenges of securing funding and achieving long-term success.

Consider Liquidity Studio if you’re a business looking to raise capital and take your venture to the next level. With their vast investor network and proven PR strategies, they can help you progress and transform your vision into a thriving reality.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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