Laura Hearn on Maneuvering Fempreneurs in the Direction of Success Through LH Consulting, LLC

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In recent decades, industries across the world, and the world of business, in particular, have evolved in various ways. A far cry from how they were before, they are now accessible not only to middle-aged and male go-getters with decades of experience under their belt but to people from all walks of life. This growing inclusivity created a space, especially for women, and allowed them to demonstrate how any field could be theirs to dominate as well. However, despite the long list of female figures who have managed to rise through the ranks, break the glass ceiling, and stand at the forefront of their respective fields, many are still prevented from making a name for themselves because of their gender and the norms that come hand in hand with it. Laura Hearn is all too aware of these barriers, and through LH Consulting, LLC, she hopes to help women entrepreneurs become comfortable in their own skin, get paid their worth, and translate visions into reality.

A military spouse, mother, financial planning specialist, and business coach, Laura Hearn wears a lot of hats and does so incredibly. Setting an example for others to follow, the MBA holder in Financial Valuation and Investment Management proves a testament to women’s ability to conquer anything they set their minds on. 

In the past decade, Laura has worked in the financial services industry, focusing on bridging the financial confidence gap between men and women through educational, transparent, and empowering strategies. Her overarching goal, above anything else, is to guide fempreneurs as they build and scale heart-centered businesses. “I also want to make them realize that not only can they rise, but they are worthy and deserving of happiness and fulfillment,” she added. 

Laura’s emphasis on addressing the confidence issues of her clients stems from the recognition that financial literacy is not the sole factor holding women back. “Anyone can Google a 401k,” shared the LH Consulting, LLC founder. “The root of this gap between men and women is much deeper, connected to societal and cultural expectations, and left to grow into a mangled garden of guilt and fear of money and success.”

After thorough market research and highly fueled by the drive to empower women, Laura founded a comprehensive coaching program. Today, LH Consulting stands as a trusted venture for those wishing to reach greater heights in their careers. It integrates two critical key elements to success and creating the fastest path to cash, the most impactful results, and emerging as an authority: strategy and heart. 

At LH Consulting, Laura helps women entrepreneurs find the delicate balance between their personal and professional lives. “You, first, will need to learn how to balance entrepreneurship with your personal and family life,” she said. “This is essential to reach your goals and dreams and surpass them.”

Since its establishment, LH Consulting, LLC has maneuvered many highly dedicated fempreneurs toward success. In the years to come, it aims to lend a hand to more women entrepreneurs in excelling in their careers and securing a financially stable future. 


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