LaFarra & Company on Delivering Top-Notch Skin-Safe Lashes and Body Care Products Under the Leadership of Dr. LaFarra Young

Top entrepreneurs are distinguished not only by their acumen and competence at starting and scaling a venture but also through the purpose that rests at the heart of their company. While there is nothing inherently wrong with entering the competitive commercial space to generate wealth and secure financial freedom, grounding one’s efforts in a mission that goes beyond profit will go a long way in earning both the patronage and loyalty of customers and industry peers alike. Dr. LaFarra Young-Gaylor, a triple-boarded physician at the helm of LaFarra & Company, has managed to cement a solid reputation for her commitment to creating a brand that addresses the gaps in the world of cosmetics. 

A highly accomplished go-getter, Dr. LaFarra Young is privy to the challenges that busy women have to face in their personal and professional lives. Like countless others, she turned to makeup and cosmetics to express herself and confidently deal with whatever her day has to offer. Eventually, the physician and long-time autoimmune thriver grew frustrated with eye irritations caused by the mascara and liner she wore. “Wearing and removing makeup, something I once enjoyed, had become an unpleasant—and, at times, painful—task. I realized that I had developed sensitivities to many of the ingredients in mascara and line and there weren’t many options beside glue on lashes and extensions, both of which also contained toxic chemicals and sometimes caused my natural lashes to fall out,” recalled the LaFarra & Company CEO. 

As a working mom who is in need of a convenient and safe way to “wake her face up,” the well-respected physician knew she couldn’t settle for anything less than a lineup of products that are skin-safe and high quality. So she made the move to build LaFarra & Company, a minority-owned brand dedicated to providing women with luxurious wellness beauty products. 

LaFarra & Company is a firm believer that women do not have to compromise safety, convenience, quality, and character when looking for beauty items that could help them achieve a vibrant look. With that assertion in mind, it developed an impressive selection of products that takes into consideration skin sensitivities, including a line of luxury magnetic lashes based on a makeup removal system that doesn’t use any harsh chemicals. Waterproof and windproof, these magnetic lashes can be cut to accommodate smaller eyes. 

Along with its bestselling magnetic lashes, LaFarra & Company also offers a top-notch makeup remover made with natural ingredients and a magnetic liner that doesn’t need multiple applications throughout the day. Additionally, this brainchild of Dr. LaFarra Young has in its shelves a host of other products, from collagen gummies to lash and brow growth serum and lash deep cleansing kit. 

The lengths that LaFarra & Company has gone through to deliver skin-safe lashes and self-care items stand as one of the key reasons why the venture has reached great heights. In the years to come, it is expected to climb its way to the forefront of the beauty industry as it continues to introduce safe and chic products for confident and busy women. Learn more about LaFarra and Company by visiting its website.


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