Kizzy McCray-Sheppard Joins Shawn Fair’s Leadership Experience Tour

Highly-praised leadership program, Shawn Fair’s “Leadership Experience Tour,” has spent the last few months bringing together an elite collection of speakers and trainers from all over the country to deliver a leadership experience that will transform the lives of people everywhere. The exclusive and prestigious club welcomes another stellar speaker, the founder of Limitless Possibilities Now, Kizzy McCray-Sheppard.

McCray-Sheppard is a motivational speaker, mother, and devoted woman of God. She spent some of the best years of her life serving in the United States Air Force. After committing life and limb to others, her mission to live for others continues in her work as a nurse practitioner and personal mentor to many. 

The speaker and motivator believes unwaveringly in her purpose to inspire and encourage others while also cultivating their dreams and aspirations. More than all else, Kizzy exists to help people live abundantly by teaching them practical steps to living with limitless possibilities. 

Kizzy’s pursuit of excellence and service has helped many organizations level up. She was a vital component in the Gainesville Community Living Center, receiving one of the highest evaluations in the North Florida and South Georgia region and becoming a five-start center in 2018. She led the Manage Your Health for Life patient health fair at Malcolm Randall VA Medical Center and received the Restoring Joy Leadership award. 

Currently, Kizzy McCray-Sheppard serves on the board of the Oasis Family Center board, in Williston, Florida, and NMB organization in Gainesville, Florida. She also serves as the Director of Community Partnership and Service for the Black Nurses Rock Nursing Association in Gainesville and Palatka.

In recent times, Fair Consulting Group has announced that the award-winning nursing professional and inspirational speaker will be joining the line-up of Shawn Fair’s exclusive club. Shawn is best known for his work in the leadership training space. He has built an illustrious career as a C-level executive for various large corporations and has transitioned into a leadership coach who has influenced over 300,000 professionals worldwide. 

Shawn launched “The Leadership Experience Tour” to train and develop a new breed of leadership and motivational speakers to change the professional landscape in the coming years. By joining the program, Kizzy hopes to elevate her platform and teach others how to grow their passion and dreams. She hopes to mentor and train more youth and professionals on living without limits and experience the best of their God-given legacies. As a believer and follower of Christ, she also aims to share a message of hope to all who feel far from God, finding purpose and joy in knowing the Creator.

“I would like people to know that it’s now about how you start, but about how you finish,” shares Kizzy McCray-Sheppard. “When you keep God first and include self-care in your routine, you can have limitless possibilities now in life, business, family, marriage, and in health.”

By joining the leadership experience tour, Kizzy jumps into an association of some of the industry’s best speakers. They share their key insights on leadership, professional growth, productivity, belief, self-development, and more. 

To learn more about Kizzy McCray-Sheppard, visit her website. Learn more also about Fair Consulting Group’s “The Leadership Experience Tour” by checking out the program’s website.


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