Kings Construction Awarded a 2023 Global Recognition Award™

Kings Construction Awarded a 2023 Global Recognition Award™
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New York, New York – August 2023 Kings Construction Group wins a 2023 Global Recognition Award with impressive 200% annual revenue growth, which signifies the company’s robust financial health and stability. “We firmly believe in maintaining the direction of our growth and prioritizing the needs of our clients. Receiving this recognition validates our efforts and motivates us to work harder,” congratulated Anwar Hamada, the driving force behind Kings Construction Group.

In an industry as competitive as construction, Kings Construction Group’s achievement of commanding 91% of the market share while clocking an annual turnover of $25M is a substantial accomplishment. “Our goal has always been to offer superior service without compromising on our commitment to value and customer-centric approach,” Hamada further added.

Affordability and Innovation at the Forefront

Besides remarkable financials, what sets Kings Construction Group apart is its innovative strides toward making the construction industry more affordable and accessible to smaller entities. Kings Construction Group has managed not only to root out incompetent contractors, diversify their services, and maintain affordability. Hamada says, “Kings Construction Group is built on the ethos of innovation and determination. We strive to deliver the best to our customers and value their trust in us.”

Custom homes and legal basement finishing services are the standout best sellers, contributing immensely to the respect Kings Construction Group has earned from construction associations. With more than 5,000 satisfied clients and a team that is fully licensed and insured, it is no wonder Kings Construction stands tall in the construction industry.

A Win Well-Deserved

Recognizing the achievements of Kings Construction Group, Alex Sinclair from the Global Recognition Awards remarked, “The 2023 Global Recognition Award acknowledges companies that create an impact in their industry, and Kings Construction Group is undoubtedly doing so. They have shown unmatched growth and are a prime example of strategic innovation.”

Sinclair, affirming the acknowledgment, further added, “One can’t overlook the success of Kings Construction Group. With this award, we look forward to seeing more groundbreaking efforts from them in redefining industry standards. They indeed represent the excellence that the 2023 Global Recognition Award stands for.

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