Kimit: The New Social Media and E-Commerce Hybrid Revolutionizing Online Buying and Selling

Since e-commerce became mainstream and a preferred method of buying and selling, buyer behavior has changed. Sellers have also taken it upon themselves to adapt to buyer needs by serving them better. Kimit is one of the platforms improving the e-commerce experience for both buyers and sellers, and it is the first of its kind. Social media, while designed to entertain and connect, has become an effective marketing tool. Companies and brands rely heavily on social media to drive sales, and customers also find social media as the ideal place to get their most preferred products at affordable prices. Kimit is leveraging these marketing situations and has come out as the platform that combines e-commerce with a social media experience.

Kimit’s mode of operation is strictly videos. It encourages sellers to get into their creative modes by creating the most interesting videos to market their products and get people to make purchases. Kimit offers a wide range of products that customers can choose from, but the innovation behind the app is to give customers a clear picture of the product they intend to buy. The goal for sellers is to create viral videos about their products, get people to see those videos and end up purchasing the products. Kimit makes online shopping more personal, engaging, and immersive for customers.

According to a top executive, “It is your one-stop shop to find and purchase bite-sized entertainment. With a hybrid e-commerce marketplace paired with a social media network, we are revolutionizing how consumers buy and share videos. Kimit addresses the vastly growing demand for custom products and viral videos through a simple platform in which users can find both.” The company is actively solving a problem and realistically delivering one of the peculiar factors that drive e-commerce purchases. Recent online shopping statistics show that more than 80% of shoppers find videos more helpful in their purchasing decisions. 64% of customers are also likely to buy a product with videos showing more information about the product.

So while KImit offers a unique e-commerce business model, it has also created a win-win situation for itself, the customers, and the buyers. A single click on any video on the platform is a direct link to making a purchase. Kimit gives sellers all the tools to get as creative as they want with their videos. After all, the sellers’ success translates to the company’s success and an amazing experience for the buyers. Both aspiring and established entrepreneurs can take advantage of this platform to build and grow their businesses. With the pandemic’s effects still pronounced, Kimit’s founder strongly believes the company can be the perfect way out of unemployment or underemployment.

The motivation to establish Kimit was based on the need to address buyer emotion and style. Many e-commerce platforms focus more on price and delivery than how the buyer feels before, during, and after a purchase. Kimit aims to give the buyer utmost satisfaction throughout the buying process even before they receive the product. Kimit’s goal is to have more than 100 million videos and products on the platform in the next five years and be the top choice for buyers looking for an engaging platform to buy things from.

Kimit is in business to change the world, and the company calls for support from everyone passionate about innovation. Kimit is live on Kickstarter; follow the link to support it. 


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