Kidstream: A Revolutionary Streaming Platform for Kids, Co-Founded by TV Expert Dean Koocher, Launches to Transform Children’s Entertainment

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TV industry expert Dean Koocher, renowned for bringing iconic shows like the Teletubbies to the Americas, has co-founded Kidstream, a revolutionary streaming platform designed to be the “Netflix for kids.” The platform, co-founded alongside Jordan Jedeikin, promises a safe, ad-free, and enriching environment for young viewers, setting a new standard in children’s content consumption.

Kidstream stands out among streaming platforms by curating the best kids’ content globally and creating a safe haven for parents seeking quality programming for their children. Pioneering the concept of a “walled garden,” Kidstream ensures that all shows align with five core values: safety, enrichment, diversity, high production values, and entertainment.

“We choose the best kids’ content from around the world and put it in a safe place so parents can feel good about what their child watches. Kidstream is a ‘walled garden,’ a safe oasis for children to explore and enjoy,” says Dean.

Dean Koocher emphasizes the importance of providing a safe and enriching space for kids aged 2 to 9. The platform is committed to steering clear of content that promotes negativity, violence, or inappropriate subjects. Instead, Kidstream focuses on offering diverse shows that promote learning, creativity, and good role models. “Kidstream is more than just a platform; it’s a commitment to providing a safe, enriching, and entertaining space for our youngest viewers,” Koocher shares.

Dean and co-founder Jordan Jedeikin identified a gap in the market for a platform showcasing shows from lesser-known producers and classic favorites. Their motivation to create Kidstream intensified when they secured a spot as one of Comcast’s first kids’ subscription video on demand channels, propelling them into the world of children’s streaming.

Dean Koocher shares his philosophy on leadership, emphasizing the importance of caring for and supporting the team. A great CEO, according to him, nurtures their employees, promotes their success, and communicates the company’s mission with clarity. Listening, humility, and fostering a positive work environment are key attributes he values in a leader.

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Looking ahead, Kidstream plans to collaborate with high-quality brands and companies for promotions and bundling to expand its distribution. International expansion opportunities are being explored, and the platform aims to bring in more exceptional content to captivate its young audience.

As a TV industry expert, Dean is excited about Kidstream’s potential to become the go-to channel for discerning families with young children. He envisions Kidstream as a big player in the next generation of kids’ channels, focusing on unique and high-quality content.

Dean Koocher highlights the increasing need for a safe space for children in the digital landscape. Kidstream, being ad-free, ensures children are shielded from inappropriate content and the pitfalls of targeted advertising. In an era of smart TVs, Kidstream aims to provide peace of mind to parents, assuring them that their children are in a secure and entertaining environment.

Dean highlights the critical need for a safe place for children in the digital landscape. With concerns about advertising and inappropriate content, Kidstream offers parents peace of mind. “Smart TVs are called that because they are really smart, so you as a consumer have to be smart too and take special precautions. With a service like Kidstream, you can relax while the kids are watching and realize they will be totally safe inside our platform.”

Looking ahead, Kidstream has ambitious plans for growth. Dean shares, “We are planning to partner with like-minded high-quality brands and companies to increase our distribution via promotions and bundling. We are carefully looking at some international expansion opportunities, and of course, we are bringing more amazing new content.”

Despite its organic growth without external investment, Kidstream has thrived by adopting a lean cost base. Dean Koocher believes this approach will serve them well, and with the right capital injection at the opportune moment, Kidstream aims to reach new heights.

“I am excited to look down the road and see the potential for Kidstream to become the new go-to channel for discerning families with younger children in their lives. Kidstream is well suited to be a big player in the next generation,” Dean expresses.

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