KIC Realty Inc. Announces Their Grand Opening

KIC Realty Inc.
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Dynamic New Brokerage is Pioneering Change in Canadian Real Estate Through Knowledge, Integrity, and Community

President and Co Founder Ron McIntosh announces the grand opening of KIC Realty Inc (KIC) on January 1st, 2024.  KIC stands for the core values of this innovative new Canadian Real Estate firm, namely Knowledge, Integrity, and Community. Knowledge, the leadership team has decades of success in the real estate business and look forward to Leading their agents/partners. Integrity fosters a culture of transparent communication, and Community.  Each agent and staff member will own a piece of the company in the form of stock giving them a stake in the company’s success.

KIC Realty is a Canadian Brokerage Built by Canadians for Canadians. One of the primary goals of the brokerage is to smoothly handle the agents’ transactions. KIC Realty is all about Canadian culture. This means they have a unique perspective, understanding, and knowledge about the nuanced challenges faced by agents in their market. When Canadians work with Canadians, your real estate brand and career goals becomes our shared mission. KIC Realty serves as the welcoming environment for Canadian Agents, a place that celebrates their accomplishments while embracing the essence of a genuine Canadian perspective.

KIC Realty is currently offering for sale up to 6,000,000 Class B Common Shares at 15¢ per share via Private Placement. The offering is expected to raise a maximum of $900,000.  KIC’s Agents and staff will be given first priority to purchase shares.  Valuing transparency, the 15¢ is the company’s intrinsic value based on projected revenue of $2,100,000 in 2024, at a calculated multiple of approximately 1.5 times Projected Revenue and 11 Net Income.

KIC Realty has initiated a Revenue Share system where 30% of commission revenue from Agents will be allocated to the Revenue Share Fund.  This Fund will distribute based on a Referral Reward matrix, where 5 eligible Agents from the upline of the transacting Agent is rewarded.  If one of your Frontline Agents (FLAs) refers an Agent, you will receive the Tier 2 reward in addition to Tier 1, and so on, up to Tier 5.  KICs unique Revenue Share Fund will distribute all remaining balances of the Funds at the end of each fiscal year as a dividend to its shareholders. 

KIC President and Co-founder Ron McIntosh couldn’t be prouder of the future forward model they have built, “I firmly believe you should stick with people who saw your potential when everyone else counted you out.”

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Experience a unique venture at KIC Realty, where our Agent focused private placement financings and Agent Retirement Savings Plan (ARSE) opens doors to a community-driven investment experience. Enjoy the perks and returns of a venture firmly grounded in solid values. Join us in shaping the future of real estate investment. While other agencies may have a similar structure, KIC Realty is perfecting the model. Add to that a strong commitment to serve their community, the founders have built a cloud-based brokerage hybrid that feels like a bricks and mortar.

KIC Realty is an agent and client focused organization. Founded by CEO Willie Ip, President Ron McIntosh, CFO Michele Bouchard and Director, and Director, EVP-Investor Relations, Michael Tam.  Willie is a disruptor with a track record of successful innovation in Canadian real estate, and Ron has been a leading figure in Ontario real estate for over 3 decades. Michelle has been a broker owner for 25 years, and a successful accountant for 30, and Michael is a veteran of venture capital and investment with over 30 years of building shareholder value.

Embark on a transformative investment journey with KIC Realty. We are an innovative realty brokerage leading the change in a market moving towards profitability. We are focused on building an opportunity for Canadian agents to thrive in production, residual income, and equity on the ground floor.  Redefine success with them through agility, innovation, and trust, and become part of a community reshaping industry norms. Apply to be a part of their community today.

CONTACT: Ron McIntosh President-Co Founder

PHONE: 416-801-9573



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