Kevin Kane: Pioneering Memphis Tourism and Culture

Kevin Kane
Photo Courtesy: Kevin Kane

By: Lennard James  

Kevin Kane, a Memphis native and visionary leader, has played a pivotal role in shaping the cultural and tourism landscape of the city. As the President and CEO of the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) and MMG LLC, overseeing the Memphis Cook Convention Center and the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts, Kane’s impact has been profound since he joined the CVB in 1991.  

One of Kane’s notable achievements is initiating the first hard sell of Memphis music to attract visitors. Under his direction, the city’s music brand and iconic logo, “Memphis – Home of the Blues, Birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll,” were created, establishing Memphis as a global destination for music enthusiasts.  

Kane’s forward-thinking approach extended to expanding the city’s reach. He opened new visitor centers in Shelby County and strategically established sales teams in key locations such as DC, Chicago, London, and Germany. This strategic move not only attracted more visitors but also bolstered Memphis’ global presence.  

In recognition of the city’s evolving needs, Kane founded two subsidiaries – the Memphis Tourism Education Foundation and the Memphis Sports Council. The former addresses workforce development, ensuring a skilled and knowledgeable hospitality workforce, while the latter focuses on marketing the city’s burgeoning sports facilities, tapping into the fast-growing sports tourism industry.  

Kevin Kane’s commitment to community involvement is evident through his participation on numerous boards, showcasing his dedication to Memphis’ overall well-being. He serves on the Executive Committee of the US Travel Association, is a Past Chair and current Board member of Destination Marketing Association International and contributes to the University of Tennessee College Health & Sciences Advisory Board. Additionally, Kane is actively involved with the boards of Christian Brothers High School, Memphis Hotel & Lodging Association, Memphis Rock ‘N’ Soul Museum, Memphis Transportation Commission, Memphis/Shelby County Public Building Authority, AutoZone Liberty Bowl Festival Association, and serves as an executive board member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, RI. 

Born and raised in Memphis, Kevin Kane is a proud graduate of Christian Brothers High School and the University of Memphis. His deep-rooted connection to the city and passion for its growth have fueled his dynamic leadership.  

In the world of Memphis tourism, nothing spells Memphis like Kevin Kane. His vision, dedication, and strategic initiatives have not only elevated the city’s cultural prominence but have also positioned Memphis as a dynamic and must-visit destination for tourists and music enthusiasts alike.  

Memphis tourism and culture, Kevin Kane stands as a beacon of leadership, continuously steering the city towards new horizons. His unwavering commitment to showcasing Memphis as a hub of music, culture, and sports has not only attracted visitors from around the globe but has also contributed significantly to the city’s economic growth and development.  

As we look to the future, Kevin Kane remains at the forefront of innovation and progress, ensuring that Memphis continues to evolve as a premier destination. His legacy is not just a testament to his leadership but also a celebration of Memphis’ rich heritage and promising future. As we follow Kevin Kane’s journey on Twitter for the latest travel and tourism updates, we are reminded that Memphis, with its soulful rhythms and vibrant energy, is forever encapsulated in the spirit of a leader who has dedicated his career to making the city shine on the global stage. Memphis truly resonates with the indelible mark of Kevin Kane. Memphis Hotels, Events & Attractions | Memphis Travel 


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