Kerri King Takes the Reins of Kingfolk Co. to Inspire Mothers From All Walks of Life

Mothers are often fed with the notion that their primary responsibility is to take care of the family. They are told by society to raise children in the most flawless way possible and maintain a household where a family can live peacefully and harmoniously. Because of these high expectations, moms often leave their personal goals behind to prioritize others. As a result, they live with countless what-if questions in their lives, which are often left unanswered for a long time. Kerri King, an esteemed entrepreneur and an inspirational mother, aims to transcend limitations and explain to moms that their lives must not be limited to what society dictates them to do. As a momtrepreneur herself, she shows what life is like when a mother pursues her dreams.

From the get-go, Kerri King has always been an advocate for women, most especially mothers. She believes that although it is a parent’s duty to take care of their offspring, it must not prevent mothers from exploring and excelling in things that spark joy or give meaning to their lives. Taking the reins as the CEO of an inspiring enterprise, Kingfolk Co., Kerri uses her platform to inspire mothers and even female entrepreneurs to take a bold step forward and rise above.

Established with a purpose-driven vision, Kingfolk Co. is a company that boasts colors of faith, creativity, inspiration, and excellence. It primarily designs one-of-a-kind bibles with ESV and KJV translations and personalizes each according to the customer’s preferences. Designed by its owner Kerri, the bibles not only show countless bursts of color and creativity but also demonstrate the owner’s commitment to paving the way for a better world. 

Although Kingfolk Co. had already captured the hearts of those who believed in its cause, the path was not always decorated with excellence and grandeur. As a matter of fact, Kerri established the business in a basement after her father died. She eventually moved to a two-door garage, where she continued to expand her passion-driven pursuit. Today, she moved Kingfolk Co. to a 6,000 sq. ft. shop she and her husband designed from the ground up.

Aside from her inspiring story of grit and determination, CEO Kerri also revealed that the primary fuel that drove her to establish Kingfolk Co. was the dreams of mothers across the globe. She wanted to become an instrument of transformation, so she employed stay-at-home moms to help her with the business. Through this initiative, she hopes that mothers will become inspired, pushing them to transcend limitations and go beyond borders.

“Most women, especially mamas, have this built-in sense of guilt when they are multi-passionate individuals. I want them to toss mom guilt aside and begin to think of things in another way. It doesn’t have to be a choice between being a good mom or running a successful business,” explained Kerri.

Without a doubt, mothers carry a pang of guilt that no other member of the family goes through. But, although it is admirable, it should not prevent moms from fulfilling their personal and professional goals. As Kerri King continues to take the reins of Kingfolk Co., she aims to become an inspiration and a beacon of hope for mothers across the globe and help show that women and mothers alike can be CEOs that can change the way society is run. 


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