Kayvon Kay Sharing Lessons on Failure and How People Should Use their Setbacks as Stepping Stones

“See every setback as an opportunity to step up, and you will be able to navigate through the tides in any endeavor you take on.”

Those were Kayvon Kay’s words of encouragement to individuals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, business owners and everyone who has tried their hands on any venture and failed. 

The founder of The Sales Connection is changing people’s mindsets to make them see failure as a temporary situation and not something anyone should dwell on. “You don’t just learn from failure; you must be inspired by it. Failure is your greatest teacher, and I stress to those that I consult that you MUST become inspired from each setback. You don’t fail unless you quit. You must fail forward in order to succeed. If you want success, get comfortable in the uncomfortable, turn failure into your greatest teacher and the lessons within, the path to your success,” Kayvon said.

As an entrepreneur in the business of helping businesses drive sales and achieve their goals, Kayvon has witnessed first-hand the despair that comes with failure in many entrepreneurs and business heads. He has seen many people get overwhelmed by failure and get crushed by its weight to the point where they develop self-esteem issues. Kayvon Kay insists that this mindset should change, and he hopes that people will be better prepared for the possibility of failure so they can take its blow more easily if it hits them.

The key point that Kayvon hopes to instill in people is developing an attitude that makes them open to learning from failure. “Maybe they invested $8,000, And it didn’t work, so they decided to quit. But, no, that’s the wrong attitude. If you invested $8,000, you learned that lesson. You learned many lessons. And you’re going to take those lessons, and you’re going to be inspired by those lessons,” Kayvon said.

Kayvon’s lessons on failure are borne out of over two decades of entrepreneurial experience. He is a master salesman who has worked with high-level consultants, coaches and closers. He is famously known as Canada’s Number #1 Pharmaceutical Sales Representative and for developing the One-Call Closer Methodology, which has changed the sales game for many salespersons. He also created a multi-million dollar coaching program and has shared his expertise, experience and knowledge at various events as a keynote speaker. His nuggets on failure come from a place of experience as he lived through it but overcame it with determination and doggedness. 

Over the next few years, he hopes to keep showing entrepreneurs and individuals how to turn failure around into a stepping stone toward success. “There is so much you can achieve beyond allowing one setback to keep you grounded. “Be inspired by failure. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t run away from it. Learn from it, own it, and use it. Take it with you, and empower yourself. Then, you can find your triumphs and look back with a victorious smile,” Kayvon said.


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