Justin Hertzberg: Pioneering the Future of Prop Trading with Groundbreaking End-to-End Automation

Justin Hertzberg
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In the fast-paced world of proprietary trading, staying ahead of the curve is not just a preference—it’s a necessity. Enter Justin Hertzberg, the CEO and co-founder of FPFX Technologies, LLC (FPFX Tech), a company that has carved out a formidable niche by the first SaaS platform for proprietary trading. With a dedicated 70-person team operating from Boca Raton, Florida, and a satellite office in Belgrade, Serbia, FPFX Tech is setting trends and empowering over 150 prop firms, supporting a massive network of over 2 million unique traders.

The trading floor has long been romanticized as a place of chaotic energy, ticker tape, and frantic shouting. However, under Hertzberg’s guidance, FPFX Tech takes a step into the future, marrying financial markets expertise with a powerhouse of programming talent. The result is an exceptional prop trading tech kit that maximizes efficiency and consistency for funded account firms, bringing prop trading to a global audience.

Imagine a system where custom prop trading plans are meticulously tailored to individual specifications. Where automated account creation and monitoring are handled automatically. FPFX Tech’s offering is comprehensive, including risk monitoring, rules monitoring, auto liquidations and notifications, and a suite of functions designed to streamline the trading process.

Justin Hertzberg explains, “Financial firms operate in a highly competitive space.  Winning often means having access to the best and most reliable tools to execute better than the competition.. That’s why we’ve designed a technology solution to give prop firms the technology infrastructure they need to scale their businesses.

Moreover, FPFX Tech’s technology is not restrained by language barriers or platform compatibility. The software effortlessly slides into different settings, harmonizing with a range of websites, payment providers, brokers, and platforms such as MT4, MT5, DXtrade, cTrader, and MatchTrade.

Their toolkit isn’t confined to back-room operations, either. It engages traders through cutting-edge features like live streaming, certificate generation, trading contests, affiliate portals, and leaderboards. Meanwhile, a custom trader dashboard and admin CRM portal provide real-time updates. From start to finish, every aspect of the prop trader experience is built with precision and responsiveness in mind.

Beyond their impressive suite of features, FPFX Tech understands the significance of individual branding and customer engagement. That’s why their tech kit also includes customizable touches, such as email notifications and discount codes, which allow firms to maintain their unique image while leveraging FPFX Tech’s robust infrastructure.

As Justin Hertzberg describes it, “We’re not just providing technology; we’re delivering a competitive advantage, cloaked in our clients’ brand identity. By working closely with each firm, we ensure they stand out in a saturated market with a tech footprint that’s uniquely theirs.”

For emerging and established prop trading firms alike, aligning with FPFX Tech could be likened to finding the missing piece of a complex puzzle. The prop trading tech kit is not just an array of tools but a blueprint for creating a seamless, dynamic trading ecosystem.

As the CEO of FPFX Technologies, Justin Hertzberg, isn’t content to just ride the wave of technological innovation—he’s intent on steering it. For those seeking to connect with an architect of modern trading technology, look no further than Hertzberg’s LinkedIn profile to begin the journey toward a frictionless trading future.

Big props, indeed, to Hertzberg and his team at FPFX Tech for rewriting the rules of engagement for the world of prop trading.

Published by: Nelly Chavez


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