Julie H Yim on Overcoming Obstacles and Building a Business Empire

Overcoming challenges is the true test of a victor, and for many people, their life journey has not been without challenges. U.S.-based Taiwan entrepreneur Julie H Yim has not been without challenges, but she keeps forging ahead with her business moves and the success she has enjoyed.

Julie H Yim is the CEO of Texas Engineered Aluminum and Manufacturing Corporation, also known as, TeamCorp, the manufacturer of American-strong aluminum foil. The company has grown in leaps and bounds over the years, placing Julie H Yim as one of the most notable entrepreneurs worth watching and following in the United States. TeamCorp is a full-service aluminum facility, capable of executing mold-building, assembly, part development and design projects of any specification and requirements. Led by the dynamic entrepreneur Julie H Yim, TeamCorp has grown into a firm with the talent and technology to create aluminum parts that meet its clients’ requirements in terms of functionality, timeliness and economic quality.

Being an immigrant from Taiwan to the United States played a significant role in Julie H Yim’s journey as she resolved from the get-go that she would go all out to achieve her dreams and build an empire. Thus, not allowing her immigrant status to deter her in 1997 when she arrived in the United States, she applied herself with resilience and determination to climb up the ladder in an industry she hitherto had no experience in. Now, she has built quality relationships and has achieved noteworthy results that many other entrepreneurs find inspiring.

Julie H Yim began her journey in the plastic manufacturing industry, holding an executive role at a sustainability company. She was led there by her passion for building a business empire despite studying classical music (violin and piano). From that point, she navigated her way through many corporate hoops and loops to become the CEO at TeamCorp, and she’s just only getting started. 

In addition to her feats in the business world, Julie’s goal is to launch a disaster relief non-profit organization in the future. She has shown her commitment to that goal with her involvement in different humanitarian causes, such as her work with Cajun Navy to execute disaster-relief projects since Houston Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Her brand’s operation is also intertwined with that mission, as she believes every relationship is important when one is in the business of making the world better.

Over the course of her business journey, Julie H Yim experienced some major health issues that she never allowed to halt her progress. She was diagnosed with stage-4 Endometriosis and Adenomyosis, which led to a hysterectomy in 2021. “They needed to do everything possible to lower the chances of the condition returning, even though it usually comes back. But I never let that get in the way. It has been challenging, but I have always focused on the bigger goals,” Julie explained.

She believes that success is achievable for everyone with the right mindset and drive, and she always points to herself as a living example of what determination and a strong drive can do for a person. She hopes to keep breaking boundaries and bringing her dreams to life while inspiring young people, executives, entrepreneurs and other immigrants trying to find a place in their new environment. She’s proud of TeamCorp’s achievements over the years, but she yearns to achieve more and build more relationships globally.


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