John Bommarito Creating Success Templates in the Automotive Industry through Bommarito Automotive Group

Passion, when combined with hard work, can be powerful and unstoppable. This combination has been responsible for esteemed automotive industry powerhouse John Bommarito’s outstanding success over the last four decades. Taking an interest in his father, Frank Bommarito’s automotive dealership, Bommarito Automotive Group, 45 years ago, laid the foundation. Today, John Bommarito is not only the president of a company with multiple locations but has also been a pivotal part of its growth and numerous landmark achievements over the years.

John Bommarito’s journey began at Bommarito Automotive Group in the parking and washing department as a 12-year-old. He moved to the service department at age fifteen, where he got acquainted with how the company operated. While studying at Christian Brothers College High School, he worked at Bommarito Automotive Group’s Ellisville location after school hours. He later went to Eckerd College on a scholarship and then was accepted into Stanford University Medical School before taking on a full-fledged career in the automotive industry.

To put his abilities to the test, John Bommarito traversed the different sectors and locations of Bommarito Automotive Group. First, he started working with Mazda cars before moving on to the Nissan location as the finance manager and then the sales manager. From auto sales, he moved to the company’s new subsidiary, Bommarito Cellular, as general manager. He established over 60 retail stores for Bommarito Cellular and secured a West Coast Multi State wholesale distributorship for Nokia phones in North America before returning to the family’s automotive enterprise.

For the next few decades, John Bommarito was actively involved in the growth of the family business, helping Bommarito Automotive Group acquire various dealership and franchises of various car brands, including Mazda, Toyota, Fordi, Buick, Honda, Volkswagen, Audi, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Vw. In addition, John served on Mazda’s National Dealer Council at the request of Mazda’s past president, Richard Beattie. He has supported the company’s pride in top management expertise, and to date, as president, he has not deviated from that mindset.

Today, Bommarito Automotive Group is known as Missouri’s #1 Automotive Group, and this can be attributed to John Bommarito’s exemplary leadership over the years. John’s recognition in the automotive industry proves his impactful work which has yielded significant growth levels across the board. He won the “President Clubs,” a prestigious honor for outstanding sales and service awards from franchises like Honda, Mazda, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Infiniti, and Volkswagen.

One of the recent notable achievements that Bommarito Automotive Group recorded under John’s leadership is a multi-year agreement with Gateway Motorsports Park owner and CEO Curtis Francois to sponsor world-class racing events in the St. Louis Region. The company went on to sponsor and gain naming rights to the inaugural Bommarito 500 INDYCAR Series Event, which brought the best drivers in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Colombia, France, Spain, The United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, and Canada together. This also earned John a nomination and appointment as one of the directors of the St. Louis Sports Commission. He has led many other partnerships which have placed Bommarito Automotive Group in the leagues of impactful businesses in the automotive industry. 

With the help of over a thousand dedicated team members and with him at the helm, John Bommarito has taken his father’s single Oldsmobile dealer into a top-choice automotive dealership in Missouri.


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