Joanna’s Holiday Hustle: Speaking Up in the Voice of Purpose Competition

Photo Credited to Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency
Photo Credited to Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Joanna Butenschoen is not just another speaker. Recently, she joined 19 others in a pretty cool online event called the Voice of Purpose, run by First Class Agency. Think of it as a big virtual stage where speakers like Joanna get to show their stuff and make their messages heard loud and clear.

This year’s theme was “Impacting Change,” and boy, does that fit Joanna like a glove. Her whole thing is about how one person, one voice, really, can shake things up. She’s all about living life with gusto and getting things done, especially with a little help from above.

What’s neat about this competition is that it’s not just about who can talk the prettiest. It’s a chance for folks like Joanna to really dig deep into what they know and share it with the world. Joanna had to take everything she is passionate about, squeeze it into a neat, powerful package, and then let it rip online.

Joanna's Holiday Hustle: Speaking Up in the Voice of Purpose Competition
Photo Credited to Nicolette Moore, First Class Agency

Competing against a bunch of sharp speakers, Joanna didn’t just aim to win. She wanted to make a splash, connect with people, and show off what her brand is all about. 

Joanna believes we’ve all got something special to say, whether it’s big or small. At the Voice of Purpose, she showed just how much punch her words can pack. It was like watching someone who really knows their stuff take the mic and own it.

On her website,, she’s all about getting people fired up and ready to make a difference, whether in their own lives or in their communities. Joining this competition? It was a perfect match for what she’s trying to do: helping people realize they’re worth listening to and can make a real dent in the world.

This competition wasn’t just a game for Joanna. It was a big, exciting step in her journey – a chance to test herself, reach more people, and show just how much her business can change things for the better.

Even with tough competition, Joanna made sure she stood out. She’s not just another name in the crowd. After the competition, the ripples of her impact won’t just stop. They keep spreading, boosting her business, and touching more and more folks.

You can catch more of Joanna’s story on her podcast, “Present Purpose.” It’s a cool place to see how her experiences shape what she says and does.

To wrap it up, Joanna’s time at the Voice of Purpose was a big, bright reminder that if you know your voice and use it right, you can really stir things up. It added a shiny new highlight to her already impressive story, showing once again she’s all about helping others find their voices, one person at a time.

This speaking contest was a big deal for Joanna, turning her message into something that can reach out and touch folks everywhere. It’s a strong nudge for us all, reminding us that when we help others, that’s when we’re truly winning. And with the holidays around the corner, what better time than now to share that message of hope and change?



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