Jeff Lackey and JKL Advisors Lead the Way in Developing a People-First Culture for Business Success

Jeff Lackey
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“Your mindset as the leader needs to be that of remembering that accounting has one view on people, and it’s not the full perspective,” says Jeff Lackey, CEO and Founder of JKL Advisors, a leading Global Talent Acquisition (TA) firm. With over 28 years of experience in the field and a track record of transforming companies’ talent acquisition approaches, Lackey is a true visionary in the industry. He believes in growing businesses with the right people and has helped companies achieve extraordinary growth, from $100 million to $4 billion in just four years and from $180 billion to $320 billion in seven years.

But Lackey’s expertise goes beyond the numbers. He understands the deep-rooted mindset that many CEOs and business leaders have when it comes to viewing people as an expense rather than an investment opportunity. Lackey states, “I don’t think anybody else is having this conversation. It’s about a mind shift change around how you see people as an investment opportunity, as opposed to an expense, and thinking differently about these things.”

At JKL Advisors, their philosophy is centered on understanding how value is created for each company they work with. Lackey and his team collaborate closely with executive leadership, using their deep functional expertise in People and their vast global network of partners and suppliers to develop real, sustainable solutions that are proven effective and innovative for businesses.

Lackey’s empathetic approach sets him apart from others in his field. “I empathize a lot with my clients. I also think that makes me very human to them and allows me to connect with them on a deeper level to say, ‘I’ve actually been in your shoes,'” he shares. This connection allows him to understand the challenges faced by CEOs and C-suite individuals, enabling him to provide tailored solutions that drive growth.

But it’s not just about growing businesses; it’s about creating a people-first culture. Lackey firmly believes that how leaders treat others is how they will treat customers. He states, “That shadow of the leader eventually gets to your customer.” By instilling values and purpose-driven leadership, Lackey ensures that companies not only achieve their growth objectives but also cultivate an environment where employees thrive.

In addition to his role at JKL Advisors, Lackey hosts the popular podcast “Growing Your Business with People,” dedicated to helping CEOs and business leaders leverage their greatest investments – people. His podcast features insightful conversations with industry leaders, bestselling authors, and even the former Head of Talent Acquisition for the CIA.

Lackey’s extensive experience spans multiple industries, including healthcare, insurance, retail, defense, and aerospace. His teams have helped businesses hire over one million people, delivering measurable success to their companies. Whether through operational improvements, due diligence, or strategic partnerships, Lackey has transformed the growth strategies of small, medium, and large corporations alike.

Furthermore, Lackey has served as the Head of Global Resourcing at Rolls-Royce, where he oversaw the hiring of more than 15,000 colleagues across the globe. His contributions to the field have been recognized by various media outlets, including interviews for TV, radio, and The Wall Street Journal.

If you’re a business leader, CEO, or CFO seeking to unlock your company’s growth potential and develop a people-first culture, Jeff Lackey and JKL Advisors are your go-to partners. With their expertise, deep industry knowledge, and passion for growing businesses with the right people, they will guide you toward sustainable success and help you unleash the power you have inside.


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