Jason Miller’s Strategic Advisor Board Delivering Growth Results to Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Getting close to success in business sometimes requires a major push from a person who has gone through it and done it all. Jason Miller has dedicated himself to providing that push for as many entrepreneurs as possible through his firm, Strategic Advisor Board. For over two decades, he has achieved landmark success in the business world and now, he is taking the time to help other entrepreneurs achieve the same.

Jason Miller is a seasoned CEO popularly known as “The Bull” because of his dogged attitude toward success and how he never accepts any excuse from his clients. He has mentored thousands of people over the last two decades. His experience in project management, hyper company growth, scaling and strategic and operational implementation has made him a highly trusted and revered figure in the business world. Since 2001, he has had an impressive track record that features multiple companies he built from the ground up and scaled profitably.

Strategic Advisor Board has become the go-to help for every business looking to create a passive system of income and navigate the murky waters of growth and scaling profitably. The firm takes pride in being the only fractional board in the world designed for small businesses that works on a result basis. “We are literally the only true results-based Advisor Board on the planet. We only make money when the companies we work with make more money,” Jason said. 

Jason’s motivation to build Strategic Advisor Board stemmed from his desire to change how the world looks at consulting. He aims to bring back the honest broker model to the consulting world and do the backbreaking work for small businesses that need it. “As we continue to grow, my ultimate goal is to show the world that there is a firm out there fighting for small businesses around the globe. A company that puts the money last and the people first. Focus on making an impact that is far bigger than yourself for a change” he noted.

Asides from the Strategic Advisor Board, Jason also runs Miller & Company alongside other companies, such as a full-service marketing agency, a staffing agency and a government contracting branch that provides services to agencies of the United States government. He is a three-time international bestseller and has numerous bestselling business books in his name. His seven published books have been sold at Barnes and Noble stores worldwide and are also available on Amazon. In addition, Jason donated proceeds of his book sales to “Homes for Heroes,” which has built multiple homes for Wounded Warriors.

He has a lot of good credit to him, and he hoped to continue doing a lot for the world to make it a better place for everyone. His podcast War Room Round Table has peaked in the Top 1.5% of podcasts worldwide and has impacted many entrepreneurs positively. He never stops learning and sees every company he helps as an opportunity to learn, inspire and impact. With the remarkable results he has achieved over the years with Strategic Advisor Board, there is no doubt about his impact on businesses looking to scale and grow effectively without ruining their bottom line or profit margins.


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