Jason Hughes’ Advocacy for the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill

Jason Hughes' Advocacy for the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill (2)
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A shared dedication to fairness, transparency, and integrity is paramount in the real estate industry. Jason Hughes, the founder of Hughes Marino, has been at the forefront of advocating these values. With over three decades of experience in tenant representation, Hughes took a significant stance in promoting fairness through his advocacy for the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill.

Journey of Advocacy

Jason Hughes’ career has been marked by his dedication to tenant rights and transparency in real estate transactions. A vocal critic of dual agency transactions, Hughes has enthusiastically and persistently advocated for the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill. His belief in the importance of comprehensive and early disclosure made him a key player in drafting SB 1171, a law enacted in 2015 to foster transparency in commercial property transactions.

The Opposition and Raised Concerns

The desire for progress often faces resistance, and the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill was no exception. Several real estate and business groups opposed the bill, stating that the disclosure requirements were a repeat of existing laws and that non-compliance penalties were severe. There were also worries about repercussions such as license forfeitures for first-time or unintentional offenses.

The Legislative Landscape and Supreme Court Decision

The push to regulate or outright ban dual agency gained traction following a 2016 Supreme Court decision in California, which asserted that a listing broker has a fiduciary duty to both parties in a dual agency transaction. Even internationally, there has been a move towards regulation, with countries like Canada banning certain types of dual-agency transactions.

Jason Hughes’ Views on the Bill

Jason Hughes saw the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill as an essential provision for protecting the rights of tenants and buyers in the real estate industry. He argued that the existing disclosure practices need to be revised and can leave tenants in the dark about possible conflicts of interest throughout the transaction process. Hughes’ dedication to shaping legislation that promotes transparency and fairness continues to impact the industry significantly.

Jason Hughes' Advocacy for the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill
Photo Courtesy: Jason Hughes

Understanding the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill

Initially introduced in California, the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill sought to prevent commercial real estate brokers from representing both sides of a transaction: the buyer and the seller. The bill, led by Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, aimed to explicitly ban dual agency, a practice that can potentially lead to conflicts of interest. However, the bill’s language changed before it reached the Assembly Judiciary Committee, with the section prohibiting dual agency removed.

Considerations for the Future

Despite the initial failure of the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill to pass out of the committee phase, there remains the potential for an amended version to be reconsidered. The committee had concerns about clarity, enforcement, and potential duplication in the bill’s language. However, advocates like Jason Hughes remain committed to working towards meaningful and timely disclosure of agency relationships to address existing power imbalances in the real estate industry.

Jason Hughes exemplifies dedication to fairness and transparency by advocating for the Dual Agency Disclosure Bill and other industry efforts. His actions and initiatives have and will continue to shape the future of the real estate industry.



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