Jackie McAskill is Changing the Game in the Cannabis Beverage Industry

Jackie McAskill is Changing the Game in the Cannabis Beverage Industry
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Jackie McAskill, the innovative, passionate co-founder of SHEESH SODA, is making waves in the cannabis industry. 

Their recent win at the influential Grow Up Cannabis Industry conference, held in British Columbia, Canada, where McAskill’s popular product, SHEESH SODA, won the Best Beverage category, marked a watershed moment in the path of the company and their journey in Canadian cannabis. 

The international industry is taking note of their success in Canada.

On the eve of the competition, held in Victoria, British Columbia, McAskill and co-founder Matt Cherkas found themselves amidst eight other contenders, all vying for the much-coveted title. With over 13,000 votes polled from industry members across the country, the dynamic duo from Ontario emerged victorious. Their prize-winning beverage, SHEESH SODA, which is infused with hashish, is truly an innovation in the Canadian cannabis beverage market. 

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized as Canada’s best cannabis beverage! This recognition serves as a testament to not only the expertise and commitment of our team and partners but also the unparalleled product experience that our Sheesh Soda brings to the industry,” says a proud McAskill.

McAskill’s career trajectory is indeed intriguing. Having spent more than a decade working for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, she has facilitated the launch of numerous iconic wine, spirits, and RTD brands into the Canadian retail space. Her move into the cannabis industry led her to encounter striking parallels between wine and cannabis, leading her to leverage these similarities in the creation of SHEESH SODA. Her innovative approach and unique product seem to be resonating with both industry insiders and consumers, demonstrating the disruptive potential of SHEESH SODA. 

What sets SHEESH SODA apart, however, is its commitment to quality, provenance, and transparency. McAskill takes pride in the fact that their beverage provides consumers with strain provenance and shares information regarding the location and grower of the cannabis used. Moreover, the award-winning beverage is the first in the Canadian market to make use of strain-specific rosin inputs, resulting in a true expression of the plant like a single varietal wine. 

The popularity of SHEESH SODA is soaring. The first product, a premium black cherry hash cola, has rapidly become a favorite amongst Canadian cannabis consumers, and two more exciting beverages are set to launch in early 2024. 

SHEESH SODA’s remarkable success story is a testament to McAskill’s entrepreneurial acumen, coupled with her extensive experience in the controlled substance beverages market. It embodies the company’s core principles of serving quality, demonstrating transparency and driving relevant innovation. 

Quality drives every decision at SHEESH, beginning with ingredient selection, packaging, and the choice of partners. Their hash-based emulsion input is best-in-class, and McAskill is proud, “At every touch point with Sheesh, we ensure that quality is paramount to the decisions we make.” 

Transparency, too, is essential in building credibility. “From the seed to the liquid you taste in the can, we can tell you the people and places that brought it to life,” says McAskill. 

Relevant innovation is also at the heart of SHEESH SODA. Their unique approach to beverage development stems from an artisanal craft mentality, leading to an exceptional taste experience and a true expression of the cannabis plant whilst also improving the overall cannabis experience for consumers. 

As McAskill continues to change the game in the cannabis beverage industry, the success of SHEESH SODA marks just the beginning of her journey. Her compelling story, passion for quality and innovation, and obvious love for the plant itself set her up as a leader in the North American cannabis industry. With the runway cleared for her, there’s no telling where she’ll go next. To stay on top of SHEESH SODA’s journey, follow them on their website, sheeshsodas.com/.


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