Isaac Hamlin Shares His Insight on Better Blend & Smoothie Innovation

Better Blend came to its Founder & CEO, Isaac Hamlin, after joining the University of Kentucky rugby program. Isaac was a good player, but knew his nutrition was holding him back from reaching the next level. He noticed that heavy team meals made him feel more sluggish than energized for game day. He knew that means that smoothies that were rich in nutrients while being light on calories, empty carbs, and sugars would be a game changer. After honing his new diet, Hamlin went on to be named first-team SEC All-American at the end of the season. 

Soon after, Isaac realized that he had discovered a winning formula beyond the rugby pitch. He had created a great tasting nutrient packed menu & a marketable means to better health, wellness, & nutrition. With hard work, creativity & determination, Isaac opened the first Better Blend location in June 2018. The brand has seen incredible social media attention & business growth ever since with two additional locations and the announcement that they are now offering franchises

The company has successfully established a brand based on a simple, straightforward menu, prompt service, that boasts bold flavors and healthy ingredients. Peers in the smoothie industry should take note: though they just launched a national expansion effort, Better Blend strives to stay local, and strengthen communities. 

Isaac explains, “Since our inception, we’ve focused on providing our communities with healthy products but never at the expense of taste. Every day, as we obsessively improve our menu with our Blends and Bowls, our priority is to make them taste delicious. We know it’s hard to eat healthily, but we want to provide our guests with new ways to develop a healthy lifestyle through products that also help them curb their cravings. If we’re going to change the world and make it healthier, we must make a healthy lifestyle taste as good or better than the alternative.” 

Better Blend offers the only smoothie that can taste like a dessert while also having a full serving of protein, organic vegetables, flax seed, and oats for complex carbs. The rich and indulgent flavors come from natural ingredients like fruit, nuts, and cacao nibs, along with natural sweeteners like organic stevia and monk fruit. Better Blend offers options for every lifestyle including vegan, Paleo, Whole30, low-sugar, low-carb, and more. Isaac goes on to say, “We have created a competitive advantage and a strong connection with our loyalists, especially the Millennial & Gen Z generations. To understand why this is vitally important to every market as well as our own, you only need to examine the younger generations’ pursuits, purpose, and purchasing power.” Better Blend plans to make big waves in the national smoothie and QSR spaces. 

To learn more about Better Blend and their new franchising opportunity, click here. 


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