Interview with Nicolli Massachi, Founder and CEO of Incite AI

Interview with Nicolli Massachi, Founder and CEO of Incite AI
Photo Courtesy: Nicolli Massachi

By: Incite AI

Readers would like to get to know you a bit more. Can you tell a bit about your “backstory”? What led you to start Incite AI?

Nicolli Massachi: My father immigrated to the US and became a successful businessman. His passion inspired me to build something unique for myself. I made a few bad financial decisions and realized there wasn’t a great solution to making better financial decisions. 

Could you share specific examples of how your startup positively impacts your customers’ lives?

Nicolli Massachi: Several users of our web-based platform, Incite AI, have reached out and expressed their sincere gratitude. Whereas most brokerages and research platforms are quick to provide people with opinions and news, for many reasons, this approach is generally disjointed from reality and unreliable. Incite AI provides people with clear and reliable decisions. Spending less time worrying about their stock market investment and more time focusing on other productive areas of their lives. Incite AI empowers people with optimal decisions that will compound over time, enhancing their overall financial health over time.  

In a crowded market, differentiation is crucial. Can you elaborate on the capabilities of Incite AI that you believe set it apart from other AI solutions?

Nicolli Massachi: Incite AI’s Large Decision Model (LDM) is unique in several ways and offers capabilities unlike any other platform. 

User-specific financial decisions. Tell our AI how much you’d like to invest, what kind of stocks and for how long, and receive investment portfolio recommendations made specifically to your preferences. You just have to ask!

Core Technology. The basis of our decision model is our polymorphic algorithm. Since the key to many investment decisions is ‘direction over time,’ we designed our polymorphic algorithm to calculate the future outcome of a movement with high levels of accuracy. Also, the polymorphic nature of our algorithm allows it to constantly adapt to changing circumstances.

Vision. Beyond investment decisions, our technologies will be applied in the near future to all manner of decision making. 

Looking ahead, how do you envision Incite AI evolving to meet the changing needs of the market and its customers? Are there any upcoming developments in the pipeline that you’re particularly excited about?

Nicolli Massachi: We are truly excited about the future. There are so many ways we can expand Incite AI beyond financial decision making. Our technologies will be applied in the near future to assist in all manner of decision-making from where to have dinner tonight, business decisions, and much more.

Building a startup is often filled with highs and lows. Can you share a specific moment or milestone in your company’s journey that stands out as particularly exhilarating or rewarding?

Nicolli Massachi: Building a startup is no easy feat. The landscape is constantly shifting, and you are constantly reevaluating your actions. Each and every milestone where we inched closer to our vision was both exhilarating and humbling. Whether that includes the development of our technologies, the establishment of Incite AI and its vision for the coming years, the addition of new team members, or the launch of great features, 

What is the funniest mistake you made when you were first starting? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

Nicolli Massachi: The funniest mistake I made was building a technology before designing a product; this makes the journey significantly longer. 

I highly recommend that people first begin by deciding what the best experience someone can have in this product category is. Next, look at competitors’ products, determine if they are doing a good enough job, and identify which of the latest technologies can be applied to improve their experience. Lastly, think hard about whether the value you are offering is enough for people to make the switch to your product. With all that in mind, begin building the product, knowing fully well that the product will need to keep evolving to achieve market fit and adapt to changing circumstances.

Beyond the realm of our discussion today, are there any books or podcasts that have left a lasting impact on you or influenced your thinking? Whether they’re related to your industry or completely unrelated, do you have any recommendations?

Nicolli Massachi: I read many biographies during and after college because I enjoyed learning from the mindsets of unique individuals. One notable biography was Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Much of the reading I do today is from blogs and platforms like X (formerly Twitter). I enjoy following people who I can learn from.  

For the last question: what is the best advice that you have ever received?

Two pieces of advice have stuck with me through the years. First, consistent effort produces results. Second, a company is formed over the years and refined over decades. Think and act long-term!

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