Insight Memphis Media: The Remarkable Enterprise That Promotes Filmmaking and Champions Community Building

Filmmaking and production are perhaps one of the most important industries of the modern age. After all, movies and videos are excellent tools that help spread various messages and information. Given this, it is of utmost importance for filmmakers and creative directors to accurately capture moments. Cognizant of this, one remarkable enterprise provides its clients with top-notch services and high-quality creations – Insight Memphis Media.

It is a film production company that offers a broad range of services, including filming content for television, promotional use, and documentaries. Alongside its premium quality output, the brand is also known for its quick turnaround time, which encompasses the entire process from filming and editing to the finished product.

As a testament to its massive accomplishments, Insight Memphis Media is one of the few film companies that have worked with major television companies and award-winning programs. The enterprise has also received numerous accolades, such as being nominated for Tri-State sponsored award BEST in Black. It also received the distinction of Best Videographer from the Stone Awards.

At the helm of this incredible venture is founder and expert broadcaster, Deon Bates. The entrepreneur was exposed to the art and business of filmmaking at a young age since he attended Overton High School, the only high school that offered a performing arts curriculum in Memphis at the time. In addition, his father owned a video production company and generously allowed the school and students to use his cameras and equipment.

On top of his passion for the craft, what helped the aspiring filmmaker develop his skills was the guidance of his mentor Ernest Withers, a world-renowned photographer. The inspiring man specialized in still photography and was crucial in documenting the Civil Rights Movement in Memphis and around the country. Looking back on their memories together, Lennard James fondly shared, “He told me one day that I would be the videographer of the future working to capture life as we know it.”

Besides his beloved adviser and confidante, he looks up to other gifted creatives, including some of the greatest black filmmakers Chuck O’Brien, Thomas Bates, Jerry Ross, Anthony Elmore, Fabian Mathews, Leon Griffin, and Arthur Robinson.

Aside from providing its professional services to brands and organizations, Insight Memphis Media also recognizes the importance of community-building. As such, it has participated in efforts that educate and empower black communities, especially the youth. In fact, one of the brand’s upcoming projects is the Community Film for Orange Mound, the first Afro-American film community in America.

As the intuitive founder wisely said, “I believe that there is a great need to film personal life content, to showcase the history of families and loved ones for future generations. I want to teach the younger generations how to become great filmmakers, create their own podcast, and learn to edit films.”

Insight Memphis Media is undoubtedly an outstanding venture that helps people capture and relive essential memories. Moving forward, the enterprise intends to continue providing its clientele with extraordinary services. But most importantly, it remains steadfast in its advocacy of showing young people the value of filmmaking. www.


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