Hummingbird Meta Receives the 2023 Global Recognition Award™

Hummingbird Meta Receives the 2023 Global Recognition Award™
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New York, New York – November 2023 Hummingbird Meta, under the leadership of Justin Hoang, has earned the status of the 2023 Global Recognition Award winner. They have showcased persevering innovation in their strategic techniques and entrepreneurial development that has revolutionized the business world.

Hummingbird Meta Outshines to Earn the 2023 Global Recognition Award

“Our success reflects the perseverance, innovation, and commitment of our excellent team of experts who put entrepreneur’s needs at the core of our business,” said Justin Hoang, the indefatigable leader behind Hummingbird-Meta.

The 2023 Global Recognition Awards panel, through its collective wisdom, applauded Hummingbird-Meta for their innovative, transformative and tailored self-paced courses. This unique fusion of management consultancy prowess with adaptable online strategies has made a significant impact on the individual dynamics of entrepreneurs’ businesses.

The jury was particularly impressed with Hummingbird-Meta’s unique DQT-Deep Questioning Techniques, a far cry from a ‘one size fits all’ model. The techniques encourage detailed enquiring into entrepreneurial mindset, values, and concerns allowing for improved decision-making.

A Unique Approach to Business Growth

“Put simply, if ten businesses move through our foundational course; there would be ten completely unique business foundations, each geared towards the individual owner’s personality and preferences as a leader. The result is a more scalable and enduring business over time.” 

“Our commitment doesn’t stop at entrepreneurial empowerment. We advocate for business growth, sustainability, and even extend support in difficult times such as the recent pandemic,” Justin Hoang added.

The Business Growth Starter course, a critically acclaimed initiative by Hummingbird-Meta, has been fundamental for business owners, acknowledging their personal leadership styles, and fortifying them towards growth and expansion. This program equips entrepreneurs with knowledge and nurtures business confidence and resilience.

The company’s humanitarian efforts were apparent during the pandemic, empowering over 1,000 entrepreneurs to thrive in the challenging post-pandemic environment. This was clearly seen in their First Peoples Initiative(FPI) offered to Australia’s First Peoples which resulted in significant achievements and meaningful strategic partnerships.

Impacting Global Business Dynamics

Hummingbird-Meta’s innovative business model has made significant strides internationally as well, its digital content has guided over 300 global business students across different fields. The company’s legacy is demonstrated by the successes of the businesses and entrepreneurs they have empowered.

Fostering an Innovative Future

In the words of Alex Sinclair, from Global Recognition Awards™, “The exceptional achievements of Hummingbird-Meta reflect the power of innovation in strengthening entrepreneurial ventures. The Global Recognition Awards™ is proud to honor them for their creativity, commitment to their clients, and their contribution to the global business landscape.” This award recognizes not just a company but a visionary leader, Justin Hoang, and his team, who have created a legacy that will continue to shape the future of business and entrepreneurial development.

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