How Yannis Varellas Became An Innovative CEO of a Trailblazing Company

Some people dream of being musicians, while others envision themselves becoming doctors or nurses one day. Typically, individuals often set goals that they think are within reach, but this notion has never stopped big dreamers from achieving something more. True enough, many passion-driven hustlers possess a vision that seems impossible to attain but not improbable. One of those big dreamers is Yannis Varellas Ouzounopoulos.

Yannis Varellas has always had an unrivaled passion for achieving the most unimaginable. From the get-go, he has dreamed of running a company someday – one that has the potential to dominate an industry. By capitalizing on his unparalleled drive to succeed and an incredible flair for business, Yannis has risen through the ranks, bringing the success of his family-owned company, Olyra Foods, with him.

Yannis has long been exposed to the realms of business and entrepreneurship since time immemorial. As a matter of fact, his family began milling grains in the 20th century. The grains are traditionally stone-ground, which makes the company’s products more distinctive and undoubtedly organic. Generations had passed, and the vigor for the business remained the same. As a result, the family business grew even further, which eventually developed into what we know today as, OLYRA.

Although Olyra aka Olyra Foods was born out of a family’s love for organic farming, it would not have cemented itself solidly had it not been for its founder and CEO. Yannis has dedicated his life to seamlessly shaping the family business into perfection, leading him to study chemical engineering and biotechnology at the University of Cambridge. He also finished a master of science degree in chemical engineering at the National Tech University of Athens. Yannis wore several coats of job positions, including being an innovations and new products development manager while pounding the pavement with his desire to launch his own, he decided to breathe life into Olyra in February 2017.

Today, Olyra is a company heralded for its organic processes and mindset of bringing healthy snacks that are both enjoyable and good for you to people across the United States and the rest of the world. According to its CEO, it works with a community of farmers, producing unrefined grains that are always cultivated without fertilizers and pesticides. Far from being refined, the grains’ nutritional benefits are preserved by stone milling, a slow process with low environmental impact and superior nutritional results.

Having built Olyra from the branches of his family’s milling company, Yannis has created a line of products that rings true to their organic roots. As a matter of fact, this trailblazing food business has been known to be the first to produce organic and nutritious breakfast biscuits. The biscuits combine ancient grains, fruits and spices and enmesh them in an organic, non-GMO, whole-grain breakfast biscuit. Anyone who is looking for an organic morning breakfast is in for a treat.

Through his unrelenting desire to become a leader of a prestigious company, Yannis serves as a genuine attestation that anyone can achieve their dreams. As he continues to take the reins of Olyra, he aims not only to maneuver the company toward success but also to inspire others to chase their dreams and never give up.

Be sure to grab some of his healthy breakfast snacks at a local grocery chain near you – Yannis’ products are currently in 5000 stores in the USA including Kroger, Publix, SPROUTS and select Whole Foods stores, and customers can also purchase them from their website,



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