How Tom Faye’s Upcoming Book “Real Estate Chronicles: How I Made My First Million” Will Help Real Estate Professionals

Tom Faye is an author and real estate expert who is located in New Zealand. Tom found success in real estate by flipping houses and capitalizing on his modern strategy. Tom’s approach to real estate investing is modern and effective in today’s housing market. In addition to his career in real estate, Faye is a lifelong educator who enjoys sharing his knowledge and helping the next generation of real estate professionals get their careers off the ground. In early 2022 Tom will be publishing his book Real Estate Chronicles: How I Made My First Million. The book will highlight Faye’s journey to where he is today, advice for prospective real estate professionals, and general knowledge for anyone who is interested in learning more about real estate.

Tom’s Inspiration

Time and freedom were Tom’s biggest motivators. Before entering the world of real estate, Tom worked at a car dealership where he would work 12 hour days 6 days a week to get by. He found himself unfulfilled and unsatisfied with the restrictions placed on his income and time, so he knew he had to make a change. Tom gained some experience working as a real estate agent but when he got started in property development, he found that he had a knack for real estate investing. During the COVID-19 pandemic Tom was hard at work developing and implementing new investment strategies. Faye’s proven processes produced over $11 million in real estate transactions in just 18 months. Not only does he find property investment more gratifying personally and financially, but it also aligns with his goal and is a long term plan for success.

Guide To Success

Real Estate Chronicles: How I Made My First Million was specifically designed to help real estate professionals take their business to the next level. The book will be full of valuable information and anecdotes that realtors of any experience level can benefit from. Tom goes in depth about strategies to find a deal in any marketplace and how they remain effective through adversity like the COVID-19 pandemic. Faye is renowned as one of the most skilled negotiators in the New Zealand real estate game, and he covers the mentality and experiences behind his negotiation skills. Knowledge, capital, and self confidence are three pillars that Tom believes anyone can use to create success, given they put in the work. In addition to the meaningful teachings in Faye’s book, he goes into great detail about his story and climb to the top. Tom didn’t come up with a silver spoon by any means, and his journey should act as inspiration for anyone who wants to improve their life and career.

Future For Tom

Tom is hoping to publish Real Estate Chronicles: How I Made My First Million in January of 2022 and he is excited to reach as many people as possible with his book. Faye’s goal is to help one million people and their families live a life of abundance and success through property investment. As a lifelong educator with a passion for helping others, Tom is determined to continue offering help to everyone he can. While he will continue teaching others and spreading his program, Faye is still active in the real estate world and strives to continue expanding his personal portfolio. As the future approaches it is exciting to see what Tom will do next.

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