How This Ex-Disney Performer Is Now Helping Business Leaders, Spies, and Olympians Share the Magic of Their Story

How This Ex-Disney Performer Is Now Helping Business Leaders, Spies, and Olympians Share the Magic of Their Story
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Leaving could have been the end of his perfect story. Meeting his wife in a Disney parade, performing at Disney World for nearly a decade, and perfecting the art of storytelling and acting, there’s no doubt that Disney was an integral part of his story. But for Paul, a bestselling ghostwriter and book-writing expert, leaving Disney was just the beginning. Here’s the incredible story of how Paul Fair turned his childhood dream into a reality and is helping others share their own incredible stories in the process. 

Once Upon A Time…

Paul Fair always had a dream–to tell stories like Disney. From an early age, he had a desire to tell stories that took people to another world. “I was amazed how Disney took a simple story like Cinderella and could create a whole world that people could taste, smell, and see.” His passion only grew when he attended business school and found that the magic of Disney went far beyond storytelling. “All I heard in class was how to dissect Disney’s business strategies and how incredible they were at building a business and attracting customers…” That’s when Paul made a life-altering decision. “I decided to go work at Disney. I wanted to learn everything firsthand from the ground up.” 

Finding His Own Magic

Working at Disney was everything that Paul had ever dreamed of. “I was friends with Prince Charming, Captain Jack Sparrow, and eventually… I found and married the love of my life.” However, like all good things, this chapter in his story would come to an end. “I started getting a little older, and I knew it was time to move on.” Still passionate about writing and telling stories, he found himself working a job where he managed a team of writers that produced blogs for individuals and businesses around the world. With over one hundred clients, he stayed busy and gained a lot of hands-on experience capturing other people’s thoughts in writing. His work was so impressive that the company owner presented him with the opportunity of a lifetime. “He gave me a book manuscript and asked if I could fix it. He had hired someone else to write it and wasn’t happy. I took the challenge and rewrote the book for free…” Four short weeks later, he had rewritten the entire book and also had written the beginning of the next chapter in his own life. “My boss was thrilled and shortly after that, I ended up working with a comedian in Ellen DeGeneres’s network. This time I was paid.”

Turning His Gift Into A Business

That chance encounter sparked a new career for Paul. “I realized that all my time in Disney had given me a unique skill set. Learning how to become someone else.” Years of preparing to behave like specific Disney characters had taught him how to think like someone else, view the world as they do, and capture their personality. Now that was the secret sauce that he used to take his client’s books from good to great. “A good ghostwriter can write and get the facts correct. Which is extremely important. A great ghostwriter can do that while infusing the personality and persona of the person they are writing for into the pages.” Since his unpaid opportunity for his boss, Paul has had the pleasure of working on over 60 projects for clients ranging from business leaders to international spies, and gold medal Olympians. And now, he has expanded his services. 

Helping Capture The Magic Of Others Story

“After several years, it became clear that I couldn’t keep up with just me and my wife – so we started reaching out to bring on more talented writers.” 

Currently, Paul Fair and his team of writers and editors are dedicated to helping clients around the world share the magic of their story. Whether you are looking to cement your legacy, grow your brand, or establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, his team of writers is the perfect resource for you. Through an approximately 8-month process, they will capture your story in a book that you are completely proud to share. 

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