How Male CEOs are flocking to Dr. Steinbrech’s Alpha Male Plastic Surgery Offices to Compete with Younger Colleagues

How Male CEOs are flocking to Dr. Steinbrech’s Alpha Male Plastic Surgery Offices to Compete with Younger Colleagues
Photo Courtesy: Dr. Douglas Steinbrech

Dr. Douglas Steinbrech is a board-certified plastic surgeon with an esteemed practice on Park Avenue in New York City. Unlike other plastic surgeons who may specialize in a wide variety of procedures for both male and female patients, Dr. Steinbrech is profoundly specialized in plastic surgery for men. 

With three practices in the United States, Dr. Steinbrech’s extensive patient base can be attributed to his ability to adapt his skill to the needs of each patient. Dr. Steinbrech’s passion, however, is achieving the aesthetic results desired by his male patients.  With offices in Beverly Hills, New York City’s Upper East or Chicago’s Miracle Mile, a bulk of his male patients are from the C-Suite. 

It’s safe to say that the doctor’s focus on only roughly 9% of the plastic surgery population (men) has paid off by following a “Blue Ocean Strategy” which dubbed him the “Go To Surgeon for Men” by Forbes magazine.

Dr. Steinbrech is revered for his techniques, practices, and methods, which are some of the most desirable among plastic surgery patients and aspiring surgeons in the field. Although known for many proprietary procedures, his patented BodyBankingR® uses “good fat” to transfer it from undesirable areas to more appealing ones like pecs, deltoids and even biceps.

In 2013, Dr. Steinbrech took a risk by opening his Park Avenue office in NYC that would cater to the (then) less than 10% of plastic surgery patients globally. Since he made the groundbreaking decision, his practice has thrived, and the percentage of men seeking surgeries has nearly tripled.

We’re talking about Dr. Steinbrech today because he decided to pull the trigger and open his Male Plastic Surgery practice. At the time, he wanted to highlight his mastership and expertise in performing procedures for men. Now, deciding to open this practice has not only had a resounding effect within the surgical community, it’s changed the trajectory of plastic surgery completely. Not only did his risky decision pay off, but today the doctor is one of the most respected and requested plastic surgeons in the world. 

All three of Dr. Steinbrech practices focus solely male patients, as prospective patients come from all over the world for a consultation in hopes of achieving their cosmetic goals.  He does a portion of legacy female patients in NYC, but the vast majority of his patients are men, many of which hold the CEO position of their firms along with many founders and Entrepreneurs alike.

Dr. Steinbrech offers four modalities of procedures that complement the male physique. 

  • Procedures for male models may sharpen the jawline, cheekbones, nose, and subtly accentuate facial features. Additionally, this approach may focus on abs, pectoral muscles, biceps, triceps, and beyond. 
  • Procedures for bodybuilders define features on the body to help make a man appear to be more muscular The bodybuilder modality focuses on the stubborn areas of the body that don’t respond to exercise: glutes, chest, and beyond. 
  • Procedures for athletic dads is the male equivalent of the Mommy-Makeover. A Daddy-Do-Over addresses everything from a man’s jawline and an eye lift to liposuction.
  • Procedures for boardroom executives ensures that the men on top of their game stay up there. Men wanting to look and feel better can benefit tremendously from Dr. Steinbrech’s striking approach.

He offers these with an understanding that they address the pillars of male confidence, and his approach reflects his respect for his male patients. 

When Dr. Steinbrech opened his male-focused practice that would exclusively serve male patients seeking cosmetic procedures, men comprised less than 10% of the cosmetic procedures performed globally. Now, with Dr. Steinbreck’s reputation, the number of men seeking plastic surgery is skyrocketing. Dr. Steinbrech addresses every patient’s needs and offers services that will best fulfill what the patient is looking to achieve. The doctor’s ability, education, expertise, and veracity indicate Dr. Steinbrech’s spotlight on CEO Weekly. Regardless of a reader’s field or business, Dr. Steinbrech’s ability to take the bull by the horns is something to aspire to.


Published By: Aize Perez


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