How Liram Sustiel’s Drive and Determination Built the Nation’s Largest Luxury Car Rental Collection

Blessed with something akin to Midas’ touch, Liram “Lee” Sustiel has always had a knack for entrepreneurship. As a matter of fact, his business experience dates back to his years in middle school, selling candy to his friends and 5th-grade classmates in order to save up so he could buy himself a pair of Jordans. The costly shoes, then priced at $150, had Lee flipping hundreds of pieces of candy at ten years old to earn his first pair of sneakers. As he was never one to back down from a challenge, Lee did not leave room for hesitation upon taking the task head-on. With such strong determination evident at a young age, it’s no surprise that his drive has taken him to such heights and continues to do so to this day.

Just like the story of his first-ever pair of Jordan sneakers, how Lee became the owner and CEO of the nation’s biggest luxury and exotic car rental collection started from passion. His admiration and interest in high-end vehicles was the catalyst for launching the mph club, now a world-renowned white glove service that attracts prominent personalities from all walks of life. Starting with only a handful of vehicles available for rental, the mph club has grown at the speed of light ever since being established in 2012. In fact, as of this year, they have amassed 80 luxury rental cars and are nearing their hundredth car as the year ends.

Today, the mph club is the number one exotic car rental company in the world. And while some might call it a stroke of luck, the key ingredients of Lee’s accomplishments are actually much simpler and uncomplicated: hard work and perseverance. In his own words, “anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort can achieve similar levels of success.” With every single endeavor he decides to take up, Lee sets his mind to achieving his goals. For him, it does not really matter what obstacles there are. He can overcome them all as long as he has the will to find a way.

Interestingly enough, the industry of car rentals in itself is built up on the drive and desire for more in one’s life. It is a living example of taking dreams of success and wealth and being able to make something out of it. An added testament to that is Lee’s experience. With his drive and his desire, he was able to build a quality business model that provides a stellar service celebrated and flocked to by clients from all over the world.

The story of Lee’s triumphs is solid proof that anything is possible. One does not have to be wealthy or come from a prominent family to make a name for themselves and turn the American Dream into their reality. As Lee says, “it takes courage and commitment to grow a business like mph club.” That being said, who says you don’t have what it takes?


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