How Himintheflesh Emerged as a Notable Figure in the Music Scene

While many musicians and multi-talented individuals bank on the soulful quality of their voices or the richness of their talents, there are a few exceptional people who transcend limitations and go beyond borders in order to drive change, create an impact, and make a difference among the lives of others. The music industry is an extremely daunting space to delve into, but these outstanding forces serve as reliable pillars of strength, motivating others that there is more to music than the depth of its tunes or the fame that comes with it. In the case of Jordan James Freeman, a self-made artist with an autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit or hyperactivity disorder or ADHD, music serves as an empowering tool and a source of motivation for people from all walks of life.

Better known by his stage name, Himintheflesh, Jordan is currently on track to dominate the music industry, dipping his toes into a highly competitive trade with grace and a passion-driven purpose. His incredible track record is a true testament to his commitment to perfecting the craft in order to send a message that inspires others to chase their dreams and rise above. Although this changemaker has only entered the scene recently, Himintheflesh has captured the hearts of many listeners, gaining a cult following over a short period of time. Primarily known for his eclectic sound and distinctive discography, this multi-talented personality is bound to take the industry by storm.

Hailing from a city filled with rich historical roots, Newark, Ohio is home to one of the fastest-growing artists across the realms of music and entertainment. Ever since Himintheflesh delved into the world of music, he has been demonstrating an outstanding command over beats and rhythm, countlessly creating songs that speak volumes of his passion, precision, and dedication towards the craft. Because of his diligent efforts of slowly cementing his reputation across a cutthroat trade, this trailblazing artist has worked with highly reputable and well-known figures, such as producers Taykeith and Pierre Bourne, and other various artists like Antionia and Chxpo.

Although this rapidly rising star has only released four tracks, it is astonishing that Himintheflesh has captivated many listeners through his unique and tantalizing approach to beats, lyrics, and music. Every track released has garnered a number of listeners, leading him to sign a distribution deal for his hit single, ibeenupfordaysdontpanic. Since then, he has become an emerging personality across the field of hip-hop.

“I do not intentionally write my music. I simply allow the wonders of music to take over and say what comes to mind first,” Himintheflesh shared.

However, this quick rise to fame cannot be solely attributed to his unmatched musical talents. As an advocate for mental health who is diagnosed with ASD and ADHD, Himintheflesh is widely known for spreading his message of inspiration for those who experience psychological issues, emboldening them to exceed boundaries and rise above. This multi-talented artist not only showcases the art of music but also empowers others to move forward with their dreams, no matter how difficult they may seem.

With no intentions of slowing down any time soon, Himintheflesh plans to create a major label company that allows aspirants to use music as an effective medium for self-expression. He also hopes to inspire more of these hopefuls, creating a community that proactively transforms visions into actions.

To know more about Himintheflesh, you may visit his website and Instagram.


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