How Gabor Stramb Changed CAPM and PMP Exam Preparation For the Better

How Gabor Stramb Changed CAPM and PMP Exam Preparation For the Better
Photo Credited to Gabor Stramb

Though necessity is often credited for being the mother of invention, for Gabor Stramb, failure is the true motivator. With fifteen years of experience in project management and as a current Program Manager at Nokia, Gabor still remembers tackling PMI’s CAPM and PMP certifications. Despite having the “right” training, a combination of exam-centered videos, and courses, Gabor only passed the certifications on his third attempt. “The experience was eye-opening,” he recalls. “Something hadn’t clicked despite my preparation.” Gabor soon found himself in a unique position as fellow CAPM and PMP attempters who wanted to know his secret for passing the rigorous exams. Gabor’s failure thus offered him his future: providing innovative test prep services for CAPM and PMP attempters.

Exam Requirements

While CAPM requires little to no industry experience and is thus more likely to be taken by college students or those just starting their careers, PMP necessitates a minimum of three years of leading project management experience. Exam takers pursue these certifications to better themselves and Stramb wants to be the one to help them achieve this goal. “My main objective is to help others not fail as much as I did, to give them guidance and a career path. That’s my passion. That’s what my coaching program does.”

What Is Gabor’s Secret Sauce?

Traditionally, certification prep for these exams lasts between three to six months. Most material also teaches memorization, focusing on achieving the highest score possible. Gabor, drawing on his own experiences, produced a new model of CAPM and PMP prep, one far faster and more functional than the models he worked with. Instead of teaching perfection, he encourages his clients to focus on the logic of the material, connecting project management methodologies with industry methods to produce both realistic and long-lasting learning. Gabor provides eight weeks of exam prep in which clients meet with him in one-on-one sessions to discuss concepts and exam mindsets while practicing with a handful of functional questions. Success stories are also a shared resource, as are weekly study groups on LinkedIn.

Not only does Gabor’s program lead to higher test results and pass rates, but it also better prepares his clients for project management career success. Whether they are first entering their industry, pivoting into a different sphere, or trying to achieve that next promotion, program participants are taught applicable skills and methodology. Unlike other test preps, which act on a pump-and-dump system, stuffing exam attempters full of disconnected information, Gabor encourages innovative application, drawing on his in-field experience as a current practitioner. “It is, at its heart, experience-driven. I want my clients to pass their exams and have an industry edge that shows up on paper. Something that says they are ready for these roles and responsibilities.”

Pursuing Program Success

The proof of Gabor’s success is easy enough to find. In the past two years, his prep program and weekly study groups have had over 500 participants for both tests, with over 400 success stories since 2022. Likewise, Gabor has become a top project management voice, obtaining independent recognition from LinkedIn for his engagement and trend-setting within his industry. He is also the author of the Agile Admiral weekly project management newsletter, which has amassed an audience of over 1500 subscribers.

As market competition grows, so does the need for innovative, critical-thinking, and well-educated employees. For those interested in beginning or bettering their career in project management, Gabor’s LinkedIn remains open for anyone, as does his newsletter, which offers free subscriptions.


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