How Dr. Tyler Hales Is Pushing the Boundaries of Cosmetic Dentistry

For a lot of people, having perfectly straight and beautiful teeth is of paramount importance. After all, a warm, bright smile not only boosts a person’s confidence, but it also aids in social interactions. Given this, many decide to have some cosmetic dental work done. However, these procedures often entail significant changes and a long-term commitment, and as such, choosing the wrong dental treatment could lead to disastrous results.

Cognizant of this, leading cosmetic dentist Dr. Tyler Hales has leveraged his expertise to help people navigate this challenging and tricky journey with ease. The seasoned professional is known as the leading cosmetic dentist in Southern California. Alongside Dr. Lincoln Parker, he owns and runs Hales Parker Dentistry, a practice based in South Orange County.

He is also the brilliant mind behind the Smile Test Drive, a groundbreaking solution that allows people to test out a new smile before making any crucial and definitive decisions. Specifically, it provides an interactive experience for his patients looking to get some veneers. This pretreatment trial helps someone to see the final results of the cosmetic procedure without the pressure of a total commitment. 

As part of the process, Dr. Tyler Hales communicates with people throughout the country using digital platforms. These prospective clients then submit images of their smiles, describe what they want to modify, and ask any questions they have through the Smile Virtual application. After which, the expert cosmetic dentist addresses these questions and concerns via personalized video. Finally, patients can seek his counsel and recommendations via virtual consultations within the comfort of their own homes. 

All of these things demonstrate that the Smile Test Drive program is a highly effective and convenient option that is set to elevate the dental cosmetics industry to greater heights. As Dr. Tyler Hales insightfully explained, “Patients interested in veneers get an opportunity to see what veneers would look like first hand. I place a removable material on their teeth to improve the shape, color, size, and symmetry of the teeth to show them what is possible with veneers. The ‘test drive’ reveal is almost as impressive as the real thing, and my patients love seeing the potential of their smile in real-time.”

He also shared what motivated him to consistently hone his craft and said, “My passion for cosmetic dentistry embodies a commitment to becoming the best. I have focused on that goal and have had to eliminate distractions and opposition that challenge my resolution. I often have to ask myself, “Am I willing to keep up this fight?” Becoming an expert is not just about perfecting a skill. You need to love what you do and pursue it with relentless determination.”

As a testament to Dr. Tyler Hales’ remarkable contributions to the community, he hailed the distinction of being Orange County’s celebrity dentist. He has worked with numerous celebrities, including Bravo TV stars Madison LeCroy of Southern Charm and Peggy Tanous of Real Housewives of OC.

On top of this, he stands apart from the crowd because of his passion for providing a comprehensive, holistic, and modern approach to cosmetic dentistry. With his unrivaled work ethic and Smile Test Drive, Dr. Tyler Hales will undoubtedly continue to rise to the top of the dentistry scene while helping countless patients achieve their perfect smiles. 


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