How Bruder Office Furniture Is Changing The Game By Eliminating The Middleman And Offering Free Office Design Services

The global office furniture market was estimated at $58.17 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 3.9% from 2022 to 2027, reaching a value of $74.06 billion. The rising number of homes, offices, and commercial complexes throughout the forecast period is one of the key factors influencing this growth. Retailers and manufacturers are seeing an increased demand for home office equipment as more people choose to work from home or remote places. 

For customers, finding the right furniture for their home office is as simple as prioritizing budget, design preferences, ergonomics, and delivery options. With the increased demand leading to tougher competition, how can furniture manufacturers differentiate themselves from their competitors?

Eliminating the middleman

The furniture industry is swamped with intermediaries trying to get a cut from manufacturers and customers. Bruder Office Furniture eliminates that, which allows the office furniture manufacturing company to offer their high-quality products at much lower prices.

The brand is well-known for helping teams and employees create enjoyable and motivating workspaces that increase productivity and enhance employee satisfaction.

Offering free office design services

Bruder Office Furniture’s carefully curated office furniture makes furnishing the workspace simple. Their office design experts help their customers eliminate the guesswork and make it easy to get exactly what they want for their office. They help customers create the best furniture based on their preferred layouts without having them worry about the design process, as the company offers its design and layout assistance as complimentary services.

Changing the game for the ever-growing office equipment industry

Three brothers founded Bruder Office Furniture during the pandemic. Before starting the company, the brothers were in the logistics business providing the final mile solution to dealers and office business owners. They saw the difficulties of the office furniture market firsthand, especially for the customers, so they built the company to solve these problems. Their philosophy in conducting business is treating their customers like family members. They go through all processes with the customer – design, style, 3D rendering, delivery, and installation.

The office furniture manufacturing company is forcing competitors to change how they serve their customers. They have proved that it is possible to simultaneously provide bespoke products and services, lower prices for customers, and maintain high levels of quality.


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