How Ashley Henderson Reached Her Full Potential, Shares How Bella Sorella Body Image Spa Thrived Amid Pandemic

Sometimes, it’s not a person’s environment that prevents her from achieving greatness but her own limiting beliefs. For Ashley Henderson, it was her shyness that prevented her from being a model at first. But taking strength from her dreams, she worked hard to break her own glass ceiling. After realizing her potential, Ashley knew that she could do more to create a significant impact. Today, she is an inspiration to Black female entrepreneurs across the globe. 

Ashley Henderson is a serial entrepreneur. She has opened multiple businesses in various industries, including a broadcast and multimedia company, a rental car company, and short-term rentals. Her most recent venture is opening Bella Sorella Body Image Spa, a wellness center that focuses on delivering a high-quality spa experience for both men and women. 

Ashley began her entrepreneurial journey when she realized that sticking to the nine-to-five lifestyle was not for her. So instead of following a schedule and working for someone else, she fearlessly pursued entrepreneurship. She started her first venture in 2009 when she was simultaneously starting out as a model, a career where she felt too shy to break out of her shell.

It wasn’t until 2018 when she caught the eye of a celebrity photographer who wanted to expand his portfolio. Throwing her shyness out the door, Ashley showed how determined she was to pursue modeling and reach her maximum potential. Empowered by what she achieved in modeling, Ashley knew that she could do more. And so, she attended school to become a licensed aesthetician and opened Bella Sorella. 

Bella Sorella Body Image Spa opened right before the pandemic. Despite the challenging economic times and the health risks, Ashley was able to not only keep her doors open but thrive in her community. The entrepreneur leveraged the strengths of social media, recognizing it as a great resource to reach customers from virtually anywhere. Being operational throughout the pandemic is a testament to the hard work Ashley has invested into Bella Sorella Body Image Spa since the beginning. It sets the tone for what’s to come for the spa. 

“My products and services are different from the competition because I offer a one-on-one experience. Bella Sorella has a wide array of services. Most spas and aestheticians will focus on just one particular part of the body whereas we cover virtually the entire body,” shared the serial entrepreneur. “We also offer services for men such as beard treatments. We want anyone to feel welcome despite gender. Bella Sorella is a place where anyone can come to feel better about themselves. I’ve been in spas where it’s heavily geared towards women, and there might not be services available for men. We’re working towards an inclusive environment.”

On top of keeping Bella Sorella Body Image Spa at the top of its game, Ashley was also to maintain her modeling career and her other businesses. What’s even more amazing is that she managed to keep her ventures thriving all while being a mother. The young, Black woman entrepreneur is indeed an inspiration to other aspiring female entrepreneurs. Ashley has overcome a lot to be where she is right now, and she confidently ensures that her businesses are aiming for more growth from here.  

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