How Arcade Games Changed Dark Joseph Ravine’s Life Forever

Dark Joseph Ravine
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Passions and hobbies are some of the most individualistic aspects of existing as a human being. We all connect to different things, sometimes so deeply that they become essential to our identity. Joseph Levy Cohen, aka Dark Joseph Ravine, learned this through his love for arcade games. Perseverance, accomplishment, and more are all possible at an arcade, and Joseph turned that lesson into an entire online empire.

Joseph found success within his niche in 2017. Joseph attempted to win the Guinness World Record for the longest line of arcade tickets won by a single person twice before he was successful. The trials and tribulations of the endeavor only motivated him more, eventually allowing him to transform his hobby into a full-time job. Now, Joseph operates an entire business and movement, called “Kindness for Success,” based on Joseph’s mission statement that suggests kindness conquers all. Through this business, Joseph discovered that he could continue to give others the same feeling of fulfillment through events like regular giveaways.

Similarly, the brand sells merchandise with similar messaging. They sell t-shirts, mugs and more memorabilia on their website. The site also has a news outlet consisting of quotes, positive and good news, and information of helping people become better in their everyday life. Joseph hopes that his winning streak will last forever. He isn’t coasting on the high of his prestigious World Record status, though. Instead, he is dedicated to operating Kindness for Success, writing books, and many more future projects. He’s always producing new, exciting ideas!

Recently, he released his debut title Watch Out! It’s Nolan. While Nolan’s story is not about arcade games, it does feature similar themes about perseverance, challenges, and what it means to “win.” Ravine believes that everyone’s definition of success will vary, but it should always stem from a place of kindness. Karma is a powerful thing; if you operate each day with karma in mind, you’ll reap huge rewards, ultimately becoming very successful in the end.

Ravine’s Guinness World Record was a long, twisting road of highs and lows. There were moments where he believed giving up was the best course of action, but he stayed the course–and earned big rewards because of it. It was never really about winning tickets, but the idea of setting goals and achieving them kept him going and continues to do so today. In fact, the sequence of events after his World Record are what inspired his Kindness for Success brand.

It was that moment that taught him that anything you set your mind to is achievable. After earning a World Record, he realized he could really do anything, and the phrase was not simply a cliche. Anyone can accomplish anything they set their mind to. Of course, they may need assistance and resources along the way, but they can still do what they want and achieve their dreams. Now, he’s completely focused on Kindness for Success and book writing, but he still loves playing arcade games, as they remind him of his start to success.


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