How Andrey Kareev Redefined Online Lead Generation With the Traffic Arbitrage Model

A true visionary sees opportunities despite being barred by a closing door. So when the world went on lockdown, Andrey Kareev had to rethink his career, be it he would continue reaching his dream to climb up the ladder in the corporate world or nurture his thriving entrepreneurial venture. Having chosen the latter, Andrey realized that he is now not only living his own dream but is helping other entrepreneurs scale their businesses to greater heights with the lead generation system he calls “traffic arbitrage.”

Andrey Kareev was born in Moscow but moved to Holland when he was nine, where he learned to speak English at a British School. At 15, he moved to the United Kingdom in pursuit of higher education and completed his A levels in Oxford before attending UCL University in London to study Information Management for Business, a course that merges computer science and business management. With the dream of entering the corporate world, he worked and studied hard until he landed an internship at JP Morgan, providing him the opportunity to join the business in a graduate role. 

While living his dream in the corporate arena, Andrey was also managing a flourishing Amazon business along with a variety of food supplement brands he started from scratch. During the pandemic, the entrepreneur decided to trade his dream corporate position at JP Morgan and pursue e-commerce and digital marketing full-time. 

“In the past, I have done and had businesses in YouTube animation, Amazon FBA, wholesale and dropshipping, Shopify dropshipping, and affiliate marketing,” shared Andrey. “Currently, I specialize in generating leads through Instagram, particularly for high-ticket clients.”

Using his game-changing lead generation system, the traffic arbitrage, a software that allows Andrey and his team of seasoned professionals to do a large-scale outreach for some of the most recognized brands in the digital marketing world, Andrey has worked with industry leaders, accelerating their reach by helping them generate high-quality traffic both on their personal brands and business pages.

“Our customers are happy for being able to get such a large reach of their target audience, and their pipeline has been full ever since starting working with me. We are experts at messaging people on Instagram and have exceptionally high results when it comes to appointment setting for high ticket offers,” said Andrey. “After successfully beta testing my offer with a few clients, I am now looking to focus on teaching others how they can leverage the traffic arbitrage model and set up the same infrastructure for 100 clients by the end of the year,” the entrepreneur revealed.

Seeing how the traffic arbitrage is helping many entrepreneurs and businesses achieve their goals fuels Andrey to push boundaries and develop more game-changing innovations leveraging the power of technology. Having left the corporate world, Andrey felt that he made the right turn knowing his expertise is propelling others in positive ways. He aims to continually cement a legacy in the digital world and the coaching space while simultaneously building a brand that is not limited or confined by industry standards and limitations. At the end of the day, gaining his client’s trust by offering an honest and efficient service makes his shift worth every penny. 


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