How 1st Merchants of Texas Became the FBA Factory

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Is it possible for consumers to trust the sales process? Most people would say no, as across industries, it is riddled with hidden intentions and double-talk. It can be difficult for shoppers to understand what, exactly, they are purchasing. However, the team at 1st Merchants of Texas (1st MOTX) is determined to prove that not only can transparency be an inherent part of sales, consumers and vendors can work together to achieve goals. Their unique business philosophy has allowed them to achieve success within Amazon’s FBA space and bring success to their clients. We stopped by to talk with Founder Undreese Gulley to learn more about the company’s road to success, its passive-income services, and the reasons the team believes so deeply in mutual openness and trust.

“To start, all of us truly love sales. I myself have been in the industry since I was 25, and it’s been an exciting career for me,” says Undreese. “However, I have seen the industry’s downsides, including a customer experience that is full of problems, a lack of accountability, and an inevitable breakdown in trust.”

Undreese explains that he was concerned by these issues in part because of his military background. He thrived in the Navy aboard the USS George Washington CVN 73, relating to the service’s fundamental values of integrity, honor, and respect and winning three awards for his exemplary service. 

“I also was raised to believe that when I spoke to someone, I had to be clear about what I wanted to do and vice versa,” he remembers. “We all know that the sales process isn’t always like this since there are too many people who either hide their intentions or are flat-out duplicitous. The question was how to solve these problems and restore faith in sales.”

After gaining valuable experience by working with First Cornerstone Group, DirectBuy, PC People, and many other sales companies, Undreese became intrigued by online Amazon stores, businesses that would allow the biggest, safest ways for his clients and future clients to have success.

“Interestingly, the market already had a lot of competitors, but if you can find a niche, you can claim your space and take off,” says Undreese. “I reached out to my Support Operations Manager and asked what he thought about redefining the Fulfillment by Amazon space by introducing something much needed in sales: transparency.”

The idea was simple yet had significant implications for a murky industry: to prioritize explaining the entire sales process to clients and making sure they understood it just as well as 1st MOTX’s staff.

“Basically, we decided that 1st MOTX would be the business we wished everyone else would have,” Undreese says. “Every step of the way, from onboarding to selling and receiving earnings reports, we would create a sales process that is 100% open to our clients.”

At 1st MOTX (the FBA brand of 1st Merchants of Texas), the team does more than design, build, manage, and run Amazon stores on the behalf of their clients. They sit down with them and explain step by step exactly how FBA works, including realistic goals for passive income.

“We believe that there is no point, at all, in investing your money in something if you don’t understand it,” Undreese says. “You also need the right person to work with because at the end of the day, it is your money, and your money is important. I chose to work with 1st MOTX because the team believes just as much in straight talking as I do. We are thriving because our core values are strong, and we are able to leverage our solid relationship to run our clients’ FBA stores. We refuse to compromise our values or be anything less than who we are, and that is why 1st MOTX is keen on helping people to have success.”

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1st Merchants of Texas (1st MOTX) builds, operates, and scales Amazon FBA stores from the ground up. It delivers account service excellence by treating its clients as partners. 1st Merchants of Texas exists for one reason: to help take Amazon businesses to the next level. For more information, please visit


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