Expanding Your Brand Beyond Your Following: How Home Of The Finest is Innovating Influencer Marketing

Home Of The Finest
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Home Of The Finest (HTF) is a youthful Canadian-based company that has recently gained recognition among many influencers. Led by Jeremy Maczkowski, the company was established in 2020 with the objective of assisting influencers in establishing more impactful brands. In contrast to numerous marketing agencies, HTF offers full-service capabilities, meaning they provide a comprehensive range of services beyond marketing, such as developing brand identity, defining the brand’s vision and objectives, website and logo design, and any other necessary support for influencers seeking to expand their brand.

A common challenge faced by influencers is establishing a brand outside of their existing audience. This means that it can be difficult for influencers to sell beyond their YouTube subscribers or Instagram followers. For instance, if a YouTuber wants to sell merchandise to individuals who are not subscribed to their channel, what strategies could they employ? Similarly, if an Instagram influencer launches a makeup brand and desires to reach new customers who do not follow their page, what approach could they take?

One of the challenges faced by influencers is finding an audience outside of their existing followers, and another is convincing this new audience that the brand is worth their money without them consuming the content. Imagine MrBeast selling shirts that said “MrBeast” across them if he didn’t have such a big following. The shirts would likely not sell at the rate they do now. So if MrBeast wanted to start a brand that didn’t have his name on it and could reach a larger tangible audience or any content creator for that matter, how would they do it? 

This is where Home Of The Finest comes in. HTF specializes in working with personal brand-based channels with 1 million+ active subscribers looking to expand and build a brand outside of their already subscribed audience. HTF gives their clients a 100% personal tailored experience depending on where the content creator would like to take their brand. 

Home Of The Finest has a grasp of the essentials for broadening a customer base and creating a brand that appeals to a demographic similar to their client’s existing audience. By thoroughly analyzing their client’s current subscriber base, HTF identifies shared characteristics and similarities which can then be utilized to target other audiences with comparable attributes. 

This is the same way they helped influencer and YouTuber, Tuv establish his Earl brand. When HTF started helping Tuv he had a brand on teespring that didn’t really do any revenue with his subscriber base and at the time wasn’t getting traffic from anywhere else. The brand wasn’t meaningful to Tuv, the site was generic and wasn’t created with purpose meaning the designs were uninspired and the entire experience wasn’t providing the fans with enough motivation to make a purchase. That is exactly what Home Of The Finest was there to change. Establishing Tuv’s brand as Earl made it attractive to people already subscribed and outside of his channel. With the help of HTF, he was able to market Earl to his active subscriber base and reach an audience outside of his current following allowing him to focus on growing his Youtube and his brand. 

Another success story of Home Of The Finest is their work with YouTubers and influencers Nexpo and Nick Crowley. Nexpo has 2.8 million subscribers and Nick Crowley has 1.6 million subscribers. The agency helped these YouTubers build their brand Liminal Land, which was previously facing the same challenge of selling merchandise beyond their subscriber base as Tuv. Home Of The Finest not only designed the entire brand and website but also helped shape the vision of Liminal Land, enabling Nexpo and Nick to grow their channels as well as their brand beyond their YouTube presence.

This agency is definitely worth keeping an eye on, as they are addressing a significant problem in the rapidly expanding industry of influencer marketing. As we’ve seen, big influencers are now creating more meaningful brands to scale beside their channels. Logan Paul has “Prime” which is now the official energy drink of the UFC, or MrBeast with “Feastables” chocolate and MrBeast Burger which now has over 300 locations using “ghost kitchens” just to name a couple. With the assistance of Home Of The Finest, it will be exciting to observe the growth of new brands in 2023.




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