Herbonology: Combining Passion for Organic Living and Medical Field through CBD Products

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Herbonology is not just another CBD brand; it’s a passion project started by two Biomedical Engineers who turned into Organic Revolutionaries, Brianna Marchal and Jenna Gloria. Their mission to use nature to promote wellness has led them to create a medical-grade organic CBD company that offers top-shelf products and provides education and information to anyone who wants to learn.

Their journey to CBD started when Brianna got severely injured playing college sports, and the only treatment plan doctors could give her was painkillers and the advice to “learn to live with it.” Turning to cannabis use gave her relief from her injuries and allowed her to participate in life once again. This experience, combined with witnessing the harmful effects of opioid addiction throughout their community and with their friends, led them to enter the CBD industry and create a product they could stand behind with solid passion.

Combined with their shared ideals of not fitting in with the Big Pharma space, Brianna and Jenna genuinely wanted their work to count for more; to help people. They first became interested in using food as medicine while preparing meals for friends. Following their graduation in 2017, they studied for an MBA. They began working for a start-up CBD firm after realizing they could combine their love of the medical industry with their passion for organic living. They learned much about the business, sales, and production there.

After about a year and a half, Marchal and Gloria decided to forge their path in the cannabis industry, giving rise to Herbonology. Their main objective was to develop a medical-grade product that offered the highest-quality organic CBD goods and encouraged learning among those who were curious. They are ardent supporters of public education and encouraging responsible consumption.

Herbonology has conducted significant research and knows the enormous clinical potential of cannabis. As a result, they work hard to maintain a medical emphasis, collaborating with recognized and trustworthy healthcare providers who are the inspiration behind high-quality CBD products.

Their brand offers a variety of organic, plant-based CBD products, including full-spectrum CBD-infused creams. The hemp used to make Herbonology topicals comes from an organically certified farm in Colorado, USA. Cultivated with regenerative and sustainable practices, the hemp is tested for purity, potency, soil microbes, and residual solvents at third party laboratories. Herbonology creams are whipped to give a light, airy feel.

One unique aspect of their product line is that different age ranges use it for various reasons. According to their research, the younger population mainly use CBD to reduce anxiety or as an aid for athletes, while those aged 40 and above use it mainly for pain, inflammation, and insomnia. Herbonology has a medicinal focus rather than the recreational focus of many other brands, which is why they prefer to partner with trusted and reputable health professionals. This focus on education and safe consumption practices sets them apart in the CBD industry.

Brianna and Jenna’s passion for helping people and creating impact led them to start Herbonology. Their journey from college to the organic revolution has been inspiring. Their brand’s message and focus on education and safe consumption practices are refreshing and necessary in an industry that can often be confusing and overwhelming for consumers.

If you’re in search of a trusted CBD brand with a medicinal focus and a commitment to education, look no further than Herbonology.


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