Helios Life Enterprises’ CSO explains the 3 reasons why voice tone intelligence is the top emerging technology in 2022

Technology continues to play an increasingly important role in how the world works, which makes companies turn to artificial intelligence (AI), the inevitable next step in the ever-changing business landscape. The number of businesses adopting AI in their operations has grown by 270% in the last four years, according to Oberlo. Over 61% of employees believe that AI improves their productivity.

One facet of artificial technology making waves is voice tone intelligence. This technology is defined as using AI to obtain information by analyzing and interpreting vocal tones in speech. Helios Life Enterprises has contributed immensely to its rise in popularity over the years, and the team shares why they believe voice tone intelligence is the top emerging technology that companies should highly consider.

A reliable alternative source of information

Helios’ Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Gerwin Schalk and his team believe that adopting voice intelligence technology fundamentally enhances communication analysis and allows users to understand the message in its entirety. Helios Life Enterprises primarily creates technology for the financial sector and believes that using its technology improves the transparency of information in the industry, as vocal tones and inflections are harder to manipulate compared to traditional text-based analysis.

Historically, investors have guided their decisions based on text. However, tone of voice accounts for nearly 40% of human communication,” Schalk shares. “Tone carries important clues that can leak information about a person’s internal emotional state.

A wealth of applications

Voice intelligence technology is transformative because it translates a person’s voice into actionable information that provides unique and valuable insights. The technology will see use in many fields.

Helios Life Enterprises’ application of the voice technology in the financial sector allows investors to get the most out of earnings conference calls and corporate events. The technology will be helpful to investors considering the appointed CEO and other key executives account for 45% of a company’s performance. Users will be able to ascertain the confidence level of an executive in the announcements they make. This provides investors with valuable information they can use for their portfolios. 

Dr. Schalk shared that they have also explored the uses of this technology in the consumer insights and marketing industries. He continues that the technology also benefits the medical field, particularly in diagnosing neurodegenerative diseases.

Growing Recognition

Voice tone intelligence has been garnering a lot of attention worldwide. Helios’ Co-Founder and CEO Sean Austin shares that in Helios’ case, the feedback during their initial presentation of this technology at the Eagle Alpha Alternative Data Conference in 2019 was highly positive. The success continues three years later. The company reported a dramatic increase in interest in the technology following the launch of its Comprehend: Elite product in January. The trend is poised to continue with their new upgraded product, Comprehend: Composites, which builds upon the success of the former. 

More and more investors are adopting vocal tone analysis in their portfolios. They are able to make sounder decisions through this new channel of information with proven results.

Companies in finance and banking are often early adopters of technology and AI specifically. It is only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows suit.


Zeynep Yenisey

Director of Marketing




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