Health and relationship expert Dr. Ricky Arenson’s new book claims women are better than men

Ricky Arenson, M.D., husband and an experienced endocrinologist, explains with science, psychology, and humor why women are superior to men.

His insights make this book a comprehensive guide to help partners navigate the ups and downs of love, sexuality, conflict, and gender differences. The chapters cover a wide range of issues that couples frequently consider problematic as they try to live together in close partnership for decades.

According to Dr. Arenson, his main goal in writing “Women Are Superior to Men” was to celebrate women and help them improve their relationships. He says, “Most wives, mothers, and girlfriends are kind and caring. Men can have many issues, but women still adore their boyfriends and husbands.” 

He says the purpose of this book is to concentrate on the enchantment of love, romance, and sex, which are the primary sources of happiness for so many couples.

“I sought to provide advice to help men become better partners in their relationships on behalf of myself and all men. This begins with expressing respect, appreciation, and sympathy for what many women tolerate in their efforts to civilize a man into a ‘hu-man,'” he explains.

Dr. Arenson says that it has always fascinated him that so many couples have the same arguments. These include the frequency of sex, division of house chores, and how men communicate in grunts or jokes when their wives want a serious conversation.

Each chapter in Dr. Arenson’s book examines specific relationship issues and provides simple, evidence-based solutions to create positive outcomes. Human happiness depends on relationship success, but most people are never taught the basic principles of human management on which their happiness depends.

“I wanted to write this book to provide a simple guide to creating and maintaining a magical relationship filled with love, joy, and better (and more frequent) sex,” he concludes.

The best-selling book “Women Are Superior To Men: The Real Secret To A Fantastic Marriage, Joyful Parenting, And Better Sex” by Dr. Ricky Arenson is now available on Amazon. Visit his official website and social media pages for more information.

About Dr. Ricky Arenson

Dr. Ricky Arenson is a dual-trained Endocrinologist and Geriatrician who lives in Perth, Western Australia, with his wife of twenty years and their four children. He is the Director of the Murdoch Endocrinology and Diabetes Centre and the Head of the Department of Geriatric Medicine at Royal Perth Hospital. He frequently lectures on his medical specialties, and was named Western Australia Clinical Educator of the Year in 2015. Fun Empire magazine named him the #1 endocrinologist in Australia in 2022.

He is the Royal Perth Bentley Group’s Director of Consultant Leadership and Mentoring, and he teaches doctors about life and personnel management science. Royal Perth Hospital presented him with a lifetime Outstanding Service Award in recognition of his medical leadership and service to patients and colleagues. He works as an MC and stand-up comedian on the side. His favorite pastimes include spending time with his wife and family, playing tennis, staying fit, and coming up with creative ways to avoid doing too much housework.



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