Heal Again Co.: Merging Tradition and Innovation for Holistic Well-Being

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Sourced Photo

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At the heart of Iowa, a fifth-generation farm family is redefining holistic wellness with a blend of tradition, innovation, and commitment to physical and mental well-being. Known as Heal Again Co., this brand has etched its uniqueness in the wellness industry with its dedication towards integrating natural ingredients and potent cannabinoids in the journey towards better health.

The genesis of Heal Again Co. lies in the desire to alleviate the aches and pains of the local farming community. This ambition, fostered by Daren Lauritsen, took shape in 2020 when he dived deep into the world of natural herbs, healing oils, and cannabinoids such as CBD, CBG, and CBN. The promising potential of these ingredients spurred Lauritsen to harness their benefits, leading to the formation of a product range that seeks to improve the quality of life for people around him.

The initial discovery led to the creation of the Heal Again Topical Roll-on, a testament of their hard work and dedication. This unique formula combines a mixture of 11 vital oils, including important components like menthol, arnica, and boswellia. Developed in collaboration with Kim Wood, a skilled massage therapist from Iowa, the roll-on aims to address areas of discomfort and enhance overall bodily recuperation.

But what truly distinguishes Heal Again Co. is its relentless dedication to cater to individual health needs, acknowledging that everyone’s body is different. This belief has led to the expansion of their product line to include relaxation and sleep aids, furthering the goal of providing holistic wellness solutions.

Embedded in their ethos is a quote that encapsulates their mission perfectly – “Love being you again.” A simple yet profound statement that signifies the transformative journey of rediscovering oneself through improved health and wellbeing.

Heal Again Co. is not just a wellness brand; it is a community. With deep-seated Midwest roots, the company cultivates an environment that promotes work-life balance and encourages the growth and success of each team member. As they expand their team, they carry the founding vision of the brand, bringing awareness to diverse sectors that intersect with health and wellbeing.

In the end, the mission of Heal Again Co. is simple: to provide a natural path to a better way of life. And they do this not just through their innovative products but through their commitment to each individual, the community, and the environment.



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