Hand-Squeezed Nikita Juices Provides Fresh and All Natural Products to Its Customers

A new brand of hand-squeezed top-quality juice is taking the market by storm with its mission to give the highest quality product sourced locally and unprocessed. With every bottle of juice, they offer hand-squeezed and made from natural ingredients, it’s a brand and product marked with lots of love.

Nikita Hendricks, owner and founder of Nikita’s Juices, migrated to the US back in 2013. Having to leave her immediate family was a tough decision for her. However, she believed that moving would be a better life for her and her family. With tremendous tenacity and perseverance, the businesswoman finished her bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems and a bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

The family-oriented businesswoman is passionate about addressing hunger in society. This is one of her main driving motivations to keep on doing business.

“I wake up every day and look forward to knowing that someone will be able to try Nikitas juice and have an experience. I go to every house, parks and communities to promote and sell my juices around Killeen, and it is always rewarding to hear how customers love and appreciate my product. Of course, some days are not as great as others, but I have this mantra when I’m out selling my juices in the community, ‘I will knock on doors until all my juices are sold.’ That keeps me going every time,” said the determined businesswoman. 

She currently works full time and does her juice business on the side during her free time. And eventually, she will transition to doing her business in a full-time capacity simply because that is where her passion and heart are.

“There is a lot of work involved and a lot of stress and sacrifice in owning your own business. But, I love the personal freedom that comes with having a business,” said the passionate entrepreneur. “There’s always something new to learn every day as a business owner. I’ve learned time management, handling customer queries and even value. There’s so much for me to learn, and I’m taking every day step by step with an open mind and heart.”

As a business owner, being able to inspire and motivate people around her is emotionally and spiritually rewarding. Ever since she started her business, she feels as though she has grown tremendously as a person through the challenges she has faced, and this, in turn, has helped her bring more value to her business and customers. 

“When customers try my juices, especially kids, it brings a form of satisfaction to me. In that, I’m smiling at their faces, each bottle at a time. Nikita’s Juices is built on community, and we value our customer input and will continue to perfect our craft to make our customers happy”, says Nikita.

Nikita envisions her product as a household name and for people to remember them for their brand integrity and staying true to providing quality and fresh juices. In addition, she desires her business to be known as a company that goes above and beyond for its customers.


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