Growing Beyond the Struggles: How Earnest Lewis Did It

The world is filled with various individuals working their way to lead the present generation. What keeps some different from others is the possession of a heart not just to lead people towards a better path but also to keep them from experiencing the hardships and struggles one has already gone through. It requires having the courage to step up and recognize how struggles have shaped one’s life and letting people know the right way without letting them experience pain firsthand. This is how Earnest Lewis gained his avid readers and fans, making him climb his way to the top of the publishing industry.

Earnest Lewis is a twenty-one-year-old author who has already published fourteen books. Inspiring both children and adults who are experiencing various kinds of struggles, Earnest Lewis clearly understands the perspectives of people who are in a tight spot. He has made this understanding a way to motivate and inspire other people, and he made sure to uplift other people by sharing his wisdom.

For Earnest Lewis, growing up and becoming a renowned writer was not an easy feat. He experienced being at rock bottom firsthand, and trying to surface from life’s unfortunate events was not as easy as it seemed to be. At an early age, he was diagnosed with severe asthma and tracheobronchomalacia (TBM). He was forced to spend most of his childhood days in a hospital bed, and unlike other children who have had their fair share of childhood experiences, Earnest Lewis was never allowed to play outside and have fun.

His childhood was not an ideal childhood experience. He admitted to having been in a dark place during his suffering, but he went beyond this experience and worked hard to be more than just the child who was always sick. Earnest Lewis used his imagination and creativity to keep himself up amidst the trying times, and he eventually learned how to thrive. He learned how to be more than who he was, and he made sure to use his knowledge and wisdom in inspiring people who may have also felt hopeless.

Earnest Lewis published books with the intention of making people feel heard, understood, and comforted. He wanted to let people know that despite hardships, everything will be okay. Reaching out to those who need comfort the most, he has touched the lives of various individuals and people started to recognize his works. He was featured in national news for his accomplishments, and Google has verified his name as an official writer and author.

Despite the success and recognition that Earnest Lewis has achieved at a very young age, he continuously strives to publish more books and touch more people’s lives. Doing everything he can to let people know that they are special just as they are, he consistently climbs his way to the top of the industry-changing the lives of young and adult readers and marking his name on the history books.Learn more about Earnest Lewis on his website. Check out Earnest’s latest book The Smallest Roads Are Where Dreams Beginhere.


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