From 0-800% in Five Years, Here’s how Glenn Lundy is making a huge impact in the automotive industry and leaving changed lives in his wake

Glenn Lundy
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Any number you can think of, multiply it by 800%. 800% does give it a completely drastic makeover, regardless of the number you choose. That’s what Glenn Lundy has accomplished in the automotive industry over the past five years. Today, he acts as a mentor to business people all over the world, teaching them his methods for success.

In a town of only 9,600 people, Glenn Lundy is the only person in the world to have increased monthly sales from 120 cars to 1,000 cars in just 5 years.

800% Elite Automotive Club, a forerunner in the North American auto industry, was established to aid dealerships selling 50-250 vehicles per month in rapidly increasing their volume, earnings, employee retention, and winning culture.

They train dealership owners and GMs with the help of state-of-the-art tools and time-tested techniques through online mentoring. In-person training sessions and consistent accountability. It’s not uncommon for members to see a 25% increase in sales within the first 90 days.

800 Elite Auto is rapidly expanding and currently works with 160 car dealerships across the country.

“Volume Solves Everything,” says 800 Elite Auto Club CEO Glenn Lundy. Our mission is to unite people, give them the resources they need to thrive, and motivate them to be their best selves.

CEO of the 800 Percent Club and creator of the Rise and Grind morning show, Glenn Lundy also hosts the show. He has produced 600 episodes of his podcast in less than two years, all of which are aimed at inspiring, educating, and motivating his audience to give up harmful routines.

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One of the main reasons for Glenn’s undeniable success today is his dogged determination. He was kicked out of his home, went bankrupt, and lived on the streets before making a significant impact in the automobile industry. He has helped over 40 dealerships across the country experience unprecedented expansion thanks to his guidance.

The #RiseAndGrind Facebook Live show and the prestigious Clubhouse group Breakfast with Champions are hosted by Glenn Lundy. He has appeared in scenes at events including Hustle and Grind Con and Grow Your Business For God’s Sake! Glenn is an authority on developing dealership cultures and leadership development and has been featured on ABC, NBC, and CBS.

With 20 years of expertise, Glenn led a dealership selling 120 vehicles per month to an 800% increase in sales in five years, making it the second-largest used car franchise in the nation. Known as one of the most wanted general managers in the industry due to his distinctive style, Glenn possesses the rare ability to foresee potential growth markets for your company. He would motivate you with fresh perspectives on how to bring out its best. By utilizing his abilities, he is able to foster expansion and tap into the intellectual dimension of human development. He comes from a background in both business and sales.

 In a town of only 9,600 people, Glenn doubled the size of a small dealership in just five years, making it the second largest used car franchise dealership in the country. Aside from being a two-time Chevy dealer of the year award winner and acclaimed author, he has worked with hundreds of dealerships across the country. In addition, he has been featured on national television and in major auto publications.

800% Club is designed to develop dealership Owners and General Managers to scale their volume & profits while creating a winning culture. 800% Elite Automotive Club provides members with super-valuable perks, such as:

Virtual Live weekly training

Monthly expert interviews

Digital platforms with access to all recordings

Exclusive Facebook groups

Access to rise and grind university

Archive of Sunday morning sales meetings

Semi-annual in-person meetings

Networking with dealers from all backgrounds and brand

Growth tracking and accountability

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He is also an American author, host, entrepreneur and speaker who is best known for his #RiseandGrind.He has also published two books titled “The Morning 5: 5 Simple Steps to an Extraordinary Life” and “The 13 Steps to Riches – Volume 5: Habitude Warrior Special Edition Imagination with Glenn Lundy.

Glenn Lundy, the 44-year-old CEO, was born on December 20, 1977, in Texas, USA. He graduated from Northern Arizona University after finishing his undergraduate studies at Sinagua High School. He is a motivational speaker, auto industry leader, and a husband. He is also the father of eight children.

Not only for people in the automotive industry but for people in all spheres of life; the Facebook group community and the #RISEANDGRIND morning shows are places where individuals can unite, support one another, and make a significant and constructive effect on their day and lives.


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